Library Council

The role of the Library Council is to discuss issues in a collegial setting and to make recommendations on the formulation of Library policy, operations, long-term planning, and future directions, ensuring that the Library meets the needs and requirements of the various academic endeavours of the University community. The Library Council normally meets at least monthly during September through May inclusive, and once from June through August.

The Library Council is composed of:

a) all Librarians;
b) two (2) library technicians, elected by the library technicians;
c) one (1) undergraduate student appointed by the Student Union;
d) one (1) graduate student appointed by the Graduate Student Association; and
e) the University Librarian, as Chair.

At its March 2009 meeting, the Library Council elected to make the minutes of its meetings publicly available on the Library website, once the minutes have been reviewed and approved by Council and shared with Library staff, typically right before two meetings later (eg August minutes are posted right before the October meeting).