Printing - Basics

Your username and password in both systems are your normal UPEI Network account (what you use for Moodle).

How do I add money to my account to print?

By credit card: login to the CampusCard Account site for adding money

With cash: visit the Library Service Desk - you must have your new card to add cash.

Note: this money can be spent anywhere on campus that takes the new card, not just printing and copying.

Printing is available from all library computers using black or colour printers. Print from the library catalogue, article databases, electronic journals, email, web sites, etc.


  • Printing charges are 11 cents per copy. Double-sided printing on the Black Commons printer will only cost 11 cents per sheet (50% discount). Xerox printing is 10 cents per side but no discount for double-sided.
  • Colour printing is 50 cents per side/page.

What size and kinds of paper is available?

  • On the Black Commons printer, only 8.5"x11" ("letter" size). The Xeroxes also offer 8.5"x14" ("legal" size). The Library does not have any European size paper (A4, A3, etc.).
  • Only plain white paper provided by the Library.
  • For assistance with transparency printing, see Library staff.
  • For other kinds of printing needs, talk to the Central Printing Office, x0558.