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    • For help with your mathematics/statistics research efforts, contact the Library's Service Desk (in person, using the AskUs tool on the Library website, by email, call 566-0583) or your Mathematics/Statistics Subject Librarian, Rosie Le Faive.
  • Books
    • Open Textbooks: American Institute of Mathematics' list of Approved Open Textbooks 
    • Encyclopedia: Platonic Realms Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia (PRIME) 
    • Statistics-specific web resource: VassarStats
    • Use the library catalogue to find books (e.g. Novikov Ring)
  • Articles
    • MathSciNet - index of mathematical articles with abstracts. Included in OneSearch.
    • ArXiv - electronic archive of research articles. Included in OneSearch.
    • Project Euclid - database of articles in mathematics and statistics. 
    • LaTeXSearch - search published articles using LaTeX strings.
    • Jahrbuch Project (ERAM) - historical mathematics articles.
  • Quick Information and Reference
  • Relevant Databases
    • Mathematics/Statistics-related databases available through Robertson Library:
      Title Description
      Academic Search Complete A multi-disciplinary database which provides full text for more than 8,500 periodicals, including full text for over 7,300 peer-reviewed journals.
      ArXiv An electronic archive for research articles, including physics, math, computer science, nonlinear sciences, quantitative biology, and statistics.
      CiteSeerX CiteSeerx is a scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science.
      Computer Research Repository (arXiv) The Computing Research Repository (CoRR), sponsored by ACM, the e-Print archive, NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library), and AAAI. CoRR allows researchers to search, browse and download papers through its online repository. CoRR is available to all members of of the community at no charge.
      CRCNetBase Handbooks

      The library subscribes to the Engineering, Math, and Statistics collections of CRCNetBase (plus a few specific veterinary titles), a large collection of scientific handbooks. 

      This site does NOT include the CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, which the library subscribes to through another service.

      Contact the engineering/math/stats librarian, Rosie Le Faive, or the veterinary librarian, Kim Mears, for any questions about this resource, or to ask about adding any additional titles.

      Google Scholar Searches scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts, and articles.
      IEEE IEL Online

      IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL Online) includes full text access to over 200 IEEE and IET journals, over 1,400 IEEE and IET conference proceedings, and over 2,800 IEEE standards.

      Ingenta Contains citations to research articles from over 13,500 scholarly & popular journals. Coverage includes the humanities, social sciences & science.

      Robertson Library at UPEI provides access to Inspec through EBSCOhost. Although it is possible to search across multiple databases on EBSCOhost, it is suggested that you limit your search to one database at a time to allow for the maximum number of search fields. 

      Subject coverage: 
      physics, electrical/electronic engineering, computing, control engineering, information technology, production, manufacturing and mechanical engineering.  Inspec also has significant coverage in areas such as materials science, oceanography, nuclear engineering, geophysics, biomedical engineering and biophysics.

      Inspec contains 15 million bibliographic records from 4600 active journals and more than 2500 conference proceedings per year. Inspec goes back to 1969. Inspec is up-dated weekly and is growing at the rate of over 840,000 records each year. The Inspec Archive contains 873,700 records and covers from 1898-1968.

      by any of the fields, including title, author, author affiliation, Inspec controlled term, uncontrolled terms, numerical indexing, chemical indexing, astronomical object indexing, etc. 

      Limit by:  
      publication type, language, source, country of publication, linked full text, treatment type, year or range of years, IPC Section or Inspec Classification  

      Sort by: 
      relevance, date, author or source

      Phrase search:  
      to guarantee that the phrase is an exact match, quotation marks should be used, e.g. "dipole moment"

      * will retrieve an unlimited number of characters, e.g. manag* will pick up manage, manager, managers, managerial, etc. 

      ? will substitute a single character, e.g. wom?n will pick up either woman or women

      # will retrieve zero or one character, e.g. flavo#r

      Refine Search:  
      Search results can be refined using facets on the right of the results

      Additional Services: 
      You can email, print, save to folder, or download results to a bibliographic utility such as EndNote.

      EBSCOhost will automatically run your search each week and send any new updates directly to you via email or RSS (click on "share" and then email or RSS).

      Additional Information:
      For more detailed information and documentation about Inspec please see:


      The Inspec Database on the EBSCOhost platform: subject search examples

      This is the first of two videos showing Inspec search examples on the EBSCOhost platform. This video demonstrates how using Inspec’s subject indexing may be used to refine and retrieve results that closely match the searcher’s requirements. The different search options are reviewed including how to refine your search and use Inspec keywords, classification codes and IPC (International Patent Classification) codes to produce accurate results.

      Play Video

      The Inspec Database on the EBSCOhost platform: author, affiliation and other special searches

      This is the second of two videos showing Inspec search examples on the EBSCOhost platform. This video demonstrates how to carry out effective searches for authors, author affiliations, conference and source information, publication types, language, treatment codes and keywords in publication titles.

      Play Video

      This guide provided courtesy of The IET

      Contact engineering librarian Rosie Le Faive for more information about this resource.


      Searchable web database providing access to over 58 years of Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications.

      NOTE: As of Sept 2015, the entire MathSciNet database is also included within OneSearch. You can do a normal OneSearch search, then use the Databases Included at the bottom left to restrict results to MathSciNet.

      Search tips:

      • Adjacency (not AND) is assumed within a field. For example, the search text "invertible matrix" will match only those cases in which the two words occur consecutively. It will not match "invertible triangular matrix".
      • Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) may be entered between search terms. 
      • The wildcard character is the asterisk (*) and may be used in all fields except MR Number and Mathematics Subject Classifications fields (MSC Primary/Secondary and MSC Primary). If no wildcard is used, the search will look for exact word matches and also for the plural (or singular) of the words entered.
      • The search may be restricted to the singular [plural] search terms by using the exclamation mark (!) at the end of the singular [plural] word. For example, "matrix" will match both "matrix" and "matrices" while "matrix!" will match "matrix" but not "matrices". 
      • Searches are not case-sensitive.
      • Accented characters encoded in ISO Latin may be used in search strings.


      A 5.5-minute Youtube tutorial covering basic usage [KTH Royal Institute of Technology]

      A more in-depth Quick-Start Guide [AMS]

      OneSearch (EBSCO EDS - Proxied) OneSearch (EBSCO Discovery Service) searches most of Robertson Library's licensed content in a single search.
      ScienceDirect Provides full text to peer-reviewed journals from Elsevier Science, including a large number of journals in the life sciences.
      Springer LINK Contains over 1,900 full text electronic journals from the areas of science, technology, medicine, engineering, environment, economics, and law.
      Web of Science (Backfile)

      Backfile thru December 2009 for Web of Science (WOS) Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI), Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) & Arts & Humanities Citation Index (AHCI)


      Why just the backfile? See the Web of Science Subscription 2010.

      Wiley Online Wiley Online is a multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities.
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