Support the Robertson Library

The Library provides a wealth of services and resources for the students of UPEI, as well as the broader community. Since its opening the Robertson Library has been the Library of Record for PEI and maintains the largest collection of PEI material in the world. Our recent efforts include the digitization of much of this material, a long-term project which will eventially provide a complete record of PEI for free online.

The Library welcomes donations, especially financial, in support of our efforts. In addition, the Digitization group is interested in externally funded partnerships to digitize materials relating to PEI history and culture.

Support the Library - financial donations go through the University's central office: simply contact Development and Alumni Engagement (902-566-0415) and ask to donate to the Library. If you choose to donate using the online form, you can designate your gift and we've included an image below to highlight the two fields you need to update to ensure your gift goes to the Robertson Library.  We appreciate your support.



In-Kind Donations (e.g. donating books) - see our Donations policy, part of the Collection Development Policy