Laptops and Panel Displays - Instructions

What is a panel display?

  • A large "TV" that you can use to share your screen with a group. This is different from a SmartBoard which is touch-interactive. A display is controlled from an attached computer.

Where can I find one to use?

  • Some group study rooms. Currently they are available in 346, 347, 349, and 350. These are "LCD" type displays. More are coming in the next year.

What do I need to use it?

  • Check out from Circulation the remote control that corresponds to that particular study room. You need this to turn the panel on and off and change the output settings.
  • A computer or other device that provides video output, usually either the provided desktop or a laptop, although other mobile devices may also have this capability

What computers does it work with?

  • When a Dell desktop computer is provided in the same room, that computer is already hooked up to the display.
  • Laptops that can support (directly or with an adapter) an HDMI video output can also be hooked up.

How do I hook up my laptop?

  1. Check out the remote from Circulation.
  2. Make sure you have a compatible hardware connector.
    If you don't have an HDMI port built-in, ask at the Circulation Desk if they have an adaptor that will work for you (bring your laptop to them).
  3. The "input" button on the remote should be set to either "PC1 Digital" or "AV1 Digital", whichever is not grayed out.
  4. Decide whether you want the display to "mirror" or "extend" your laptop's display.
    See Laptops and Panel Displays - Windows or Laptops and Panel Displays - Macs for more information about these settings.