Welcome to the UPEI Writing Centre!


At the Writing Centre, our goal is to provide coaching and support to UPEI students of all disciplines, along with faculty and staff. Coming from a variety of academic backgrounds, our tutors are eager to help you with all aspects of the writing process, including organization, citation, grammar, revision, and composition.

We are also proud to oversee the publishing of The Arts Review.

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Keeping up with the Writing Centre 

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Writing Centre Policy

The Writing Centre is dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence, and our tutors will always adhere to academic policy. Therefore, to avoid plagiarism, tutors will not write any material for students or engage in close proofreading of grammar, spelling, or punctuation. However, our tutors are always happy to help you identify trends, frequent errors, and opportunities for improvement in your writing.

Making an Appointment

Appointments are up to one hour long and may be booked up to two weeks in advance. You may begin by registering for an account at upei.mywconline.com.  (Use your UPEI email address when registering.) 

We ask that you arrive at appointments with either an electronic copy of your draft that can be edited (with any relevant assignment instructions) or a paper copy of the same items. 

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