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Welcome to the UPEI Writing Centre!!


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Connect with us

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UPEIWriting

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UPEIWC/

Email: writingcentre@upei.ca or contact our Coordinator directly: jjpuiras@upei.ca

Where:  Learning Commons, Robertson Library (RL 274)

Who we are:  Our tutors are UPEI students from a wide range of faculties.

What we do: We can help you…

  • understand assignment instructions and requirements
  • brainstorm for a topic
  • draft and refine a thesis statement
  • organize your ideas
  • use in-text citation correctly
  • identify areas in your draft assignment that need revision (ideas and supporting detail, organization, sentence and paragraph structure, using and documenting research, grammar and editing…)
  • refine and practice presentations

What we don’t do

  • We WILL NOT write your paper, or any part of your paper, for you!!  What you submit for grading must be your own work.
  • We WILL NOT edit your work for you (find and correct all spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors)!  We will, however, help you learn to identify such errors, explain why they are errors, and direct you to helpful resources.

What else we do:

  • We have a number of MacLauchlan Awards for repeat students who show improvement over time.
  • We run UPEI's only on-campus, student-led publication, The Arts Review.

How to make an appointment:
To see our hours and to make an appointment, register for an account at upei.mywconline.com.  (Use your UPEI email address when registering.) 
Appointments are up to one hour long and may be booked up to two weeks in advance.
We ask that you bring your assignment instructions, and we prefer to work with a paper copy of your draft assignment.

Walk-ins are very welcome when tutors on shift are not already helping someone.
If you have any questions, stop by the Writing Centre and ask.

Very Important Advice!
Visit us early, well before your assignment is due. Allow yourself time to apply revision suggestions.

Because no one becomes a great writer after one appointment, be sure to visit us soon, and visit us often!