Liaison (Subject) Librarians

Liaison Librarians specialize in the subjects listed. If you need advanced research assistance in a specific discipline, contact the Librarian in that discipline. Phone numbers (for off-campus users) are area code 902.

Applied Climate Change and AdaptationKeri McCaffrey (620-5418)Dr. Adam Fenech
Applied Communication, Leadership, and CultureKatelyn Browne (566-0741)Dr. David Hickey
Applied Human Sciences (Nutritional Sciences, Kinesiology)Kim Mears (566-0453)Dr. Travis Saunders
Asian StudiesJuanita Rossiter (902-894-2802) 
BiologyKeri McCaffrey (620-5418)Dr. Christian Lacroix
BusinessKeltie MacPhail (566-0479) 
ChemistryCourtney Matthews (620-5320)Dr. Rabin Bissessur
Diversity and Social Justice StudiesRosie Le Faive (566-0533)Dr. Ann Braithwaite
EconomicsMelissa Belvadi (566-0581)Dr. Jason Stevens
EducationKatelyn Browne (566-0741)Dr. Miles Turnbull
EngineeringRosie Le Faive (566-0533)Dr. Aadesh Rakhra
EnglishKatelyn Browne (566-0741)Dr. Anne Furlong
Environmental StudiesKeri McCaffrey (620-5418)Dr. Carolyn Peach Brown
Fine ArtsKatelyn Browne (566-0741) 
First Year Experience coursesKatelyn Browne (566-0741)Dr. Wendy Shilton, Prof. Inge Dorsey
HistoryJuanita Rossiter (902-894-2802)Dr. Sharon Myers
Indigenous KnowledgeCourtney Matthews (620-5320)Neil Forbes
International StudiesJuanita Rossiter (902-894-2802)Dr. Ann Braithwaite
Island StudiesJuanita Rossiter (902-894-2802)Dr. Laurie Brinklow
Mathematics & Computational SciencesRosie Le Faive (566-0533)Dr. Shannon Fitzpatrick
MedicineKim Mears (566-0453)TBD
Modern LanguagesRosie Le Faive (566-0533)Dr. Scott Lee
MusicKatelyn Browne (566-0741)Dr. Dale Sorensen
NursingKim Mears (566-0453)Prof. Maureen MacInnis-Wheatley
ParamedicineKim Mears (566-0453) 
PhilosophyKatelyn Browne (566-0741)Dr. Malcolm Murray
PhysicsRosie Le Faive (566-0533)Dr. Derek Lawther
Political ScienceJuanita Rossiter (902-894-2802)Dr. Peter McKenna
PsychologyMelissa Belvadi (566-0581)Dr. Nia Phillips
Religious StudiesKatelyn Browne (566-0741)Dr. Robert Dennis
Sociology/AnthropologyMelissa Belvadi (566-0581)Dr. Charles Adeyanju
Theatre StudiesRosie Le Faive (566-0533)Dr. Greg Doran
University 1000/1030Katelyn Browne (566-0741)Prof. Inge Dorsey
Veterinary MedicineKeri McCaffrey (620-5418)Dr. Larry Hammell
Not specified