Melissa Belvadi

User Experience & Collections Librarian

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RL 286
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Master of Library Science, UCLA 1993 [specialization: information systems design]; B.A. Psychology, UC Santa Cruz 1990

Office Hours: 

I do not have general open office hours. I generally make appointments from 9:30am - 5pm Mon-Fri, but for students who cannot get to campus during those hours, I will make evening appointments.


I use BlackBoard Collaborate as a tool for helping patrons who aren't in the Library. You can access my "room" at this link. It doesn't do any good to go there without telling me first so I can "meet" you in it, but then we can share audio, video, files, and even our live screens, for doing research or solving technical issues.

Skype: I am also Skype user: melbelvw which does allow screen sharing as well as audio and video so if you need help and use Skype and can't come in person, contact me about our doing a Skype appointment.

Teamviewer: For users who need me to actually control their computer remotely, not just see it, I like to use the free (for non-profit and personal use) software Teamviewer. Students can run it on a one-time basis to get help, without actually installing it directly on their computers.

Projects I am working on include:

  • Analyzing our journal holdings by Library of Congress classification. No single list of journals by LC class currently exists, so I am attempting to make one and hope to share it with other libraries.
  • Improved video tutorials for my subject areas, particularly psychology.
  • Completing the migration of our journal holdings from CUFTS to EBSCO's holdings management system.
  • A study of the overlap between the journal holdings of the library and the journals that our faculty actually publish in. Eventually I want to expand this to an analysis of the journals that our faculty cite as well, as a local replication of a study I read about recently done at another institution (citation escapes me at the moment).
  • Revision of our library website content to eliminate redundant content and improve the "all" search results for the website portion.