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Vendor status update links - real-time info when EBSCO, Proquest, Libraryh3lp are having problems

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Emergency Closure Notice: Edit and turn on/off display

  • Edit the body of the block then at the bottom, find Roles, turn OFF the "hide emergency closure" to make it visible, then come back to check it again to make it disappear
  • To hide the normal Hours block, turn ON the "hide emergency closure" on that block's Roles, and turn it back OFF to make it reappear (yes that seems backwards, but go with it... [MB])

Today's Hours: Create and publish a new weekly hours schedule

The default weekly schedule can be viewed here. To make a change in weekly hours select the relevant times/days and adjust as needed.

(the 'todays hours" block is a view that is populated by the newest+currently published weekly schedule (content type:weekly hours). If you want to create a brand new set of weekly hours, you would unpublish the current weekly hours and create a new weekly scheule and publish it.

News: Create and view upcoming events/features

  • Create new event (you're creating content of the "Event" type)
  • Upload a thumbnail image! It needs to be square and at least 200px x 200px. 
  • Assign it the event category "News" to have it show up on the front page. The event categories are listed and can be edited here but we don't use the non-News categories for anything anymore.
  • Calendar view all events

Modify content of individual Database Nodes (content type Database)

Usually Melissa/Collections staff will handle these for licensed products, but anyone can add free databases found on the Internet. Don't add any new product to a subject category without verifying it with the appropriate subject librarian first as it may affect the content displayed in their Subject Guide.

Additional admin tasks can be found on the site 'Dashboard':

click here to go to the dashboard


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