Laptop/Mac Mini/Mobile Phone Printing

See staff for assistance with other options, like saving to a USB stick then printing from that

Print a file:  WebPrint

Requires a UPEI username/password - guests can "borrow" a temporary account from the Service Desk.

Login to your PaperCut account (same username/password as you use for everything at UPEI), and choose "WebPrint" from the left navigation menu.


1. Click "Submit a Job" (link near the top right)
2. Select which printer/queue to use:

Most common choices are Black-Commons-Single-Sided and Black-Commons-Double-Sided

3. Select # of copies (default = 1)
4. Upload your file (see below for advice, PDF is best option)
5. Click on the button at the bottom right "Upload and Complete"

Your print job will take a few moments to be "rendered" and then it will come out of the printer directly.


Preparing a File for WebPrint

PDFs get the best results.

If your document is not already a PDF, it is strongly recommended that you "print to PDF" or "Save as PDF" using whatever features of your software or computer are available to do that.

Note that you do NOT have an option in the WebPrint process to select a range of pages - it will always print the entire document you upload. 

Word files (.doc and .docx) are also supported, but only upload these if you want to print the entire file.

The system supports uploading PowerPoint files (.ppt, .pptx) but will not give you any layout or slide number options - you will get all slides, one per page.  So print to PDF first!

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