Digitization On Demand

The digitization facility at the University of PEI is a state-of-the-art facility capable of digitizing most print and microform documents. The Library is using this facility to create a comprehensive collection of Prince Edward Island's print as well as rich media heritage. The Library's partners and external agencies (with a focus on Atlantic Canada) who wish to digitize similar material and make it freely available would also be able to make use of the facility. If you would like to work with the Robertson Library on digitizing content with an Atlantic Canadian theme, please contact Keltie MacPhail (902-566-0479, kmacphail@upei.ca).


Treventus Book Scanner

Treventus ScanRobot®


  • is a high speed mass digitization system (MDS)
  • designed for large volume digitization of any bound material.
  • produces distortion free images
  • gentle

Bookeye 4
Book Scanner

  • Both Flat and V Scanning Modes
  • Scan 25 x 33.5 inches
  • Optical Resolution 600 x 400 dpi
  • Scan Resolution 150 - 600 dpi
  • Full Color Book Scanner
Mekel Microfilm Scanner
Mekel Mach Mini
Microfilm Scanner
  • Scans 16mm and 35mm positive/negative microfilm
  • 100-600 true optical dpi with 4x-96x reduction ratio
  • Grayscale and bitonal dual output
  • 350 images per minute
  • Formats including TIFF, JPEG
TTI Repro-Graphic Workstation 3040 (motorized)
Overhead Scanner
  • ViewFinder scan software
  • BetterLight Super 8K-HS Digital Scanback
  • 8000 x10600 (26.7x35.5") 300dpi, 48bit color
  • 30x40" variable controlled vacuum flatbed
  • Boston Rocker Book Cradle
  • Formats including TIFF, JPEG
Large format
Ricoh scanner
Ricoh Aficio 2045e
High-Speed sheet feed scanner
  • ScanRouter software
  • 20GB Document server
  • 600dpi, grayscale
  • Scans at speeds of 49 pages per minute at 200dpi
  • Boston Rocker Book Cradle
  • Formats including TIFF, Multi-page TIFF, PDF, and JPEG
Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL
Flatbed Scanner
  • SilverFast scan software
  • 3200-6400dpi, 48 bit color
  • 12x17" flatbed
  • Negative and Transparency adapter (35mm, 4x5 and 120 film)
  • Formats including TIFF, JPEG
Flatbed scanner