Digitization Services and Fees

Digitization rates at Robertson Library are $200/hour, which would be approximately:

  • 100 pages of looseleaf text,
  • 50 pages of bound text,
  • 10 images (slides and print) or
  • 2 oversize objects (paintings, maps, etc).

All output would be delivered through a website hosted by Robertson Library (VRE or ResourceSpace) unless a storage medium is submitted with the items.

The Robertson Library is willing to partner with other community and heritage groups to include their digitized content in one of the University's publicly accessible repositories. This could include subsidizing or waiving our standard fees to encourage making our rich heritage available to all. To discuss these projects and partnerships, please fill in the digitization request form.

* Actual amounts may vary as per details and additional requirements. Additional costs may be applied. OCR services will be provided with the standard UPEI software and will not include manual correction of text.

Flatbed Scanning
Max size: 11" x 17"
RGB [color] & Grayscale [black & white]
Up to 600 ppi $20.00 per scan
Book Scanning
Max size: 16" x 23"
RGB [color] & Grayscale [black & white]
Up to 600 ppi $5.00 per page

Large Format Scanning
Max size: 30"x 40" x .6" thick

RGB [color]

Up to 300 ppi $100.00 per scan

Slide & Negative Scanning

Max size: 4x5

Max Enlargement size: 11"x17" 300ppi $20.00 per scan
Digital ICE applied during scan
Sheet-fed Document Scanning
Max size: 8.5" x 11"
Grayscale [black & white]
300 ppi

$1.25 per 1-sided page

$2.50 per duplex page
sixteen 1-sided pages or
eight duplex pages

All prices include the following when required, unless otherwise specified:
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Text Scanning (manual clean-up is not offered)
Minor Cleanup & Color Adjustment
Temporary storage on our own webserver locations for your retreival (1-2 weeks)
CD's & DVD's are available but limited, we suggest dropping off a storage medium with the work to be digitized
Additional Notes:
Complex or large scanning projects require a specific quote
All listed max resolution amounts are dependant on size of object
Additional editing & color adjustment fees may apply if requested
Not specified