Study Zones at Robertson Library

Do you need a spot where you can get together to work on a group project or an assignment? 

Are you looking for a work space where you can study and not be bothered by background noise?

Do you want to read your textbook in a quiet space, without the distraction of people talking?

To accommodate the different needs of our patrons, Robertson Library has areas for different noise levels: Social and Service Areas, Semi-quiet Working Areas, and Quiet Study Areas.

Basic Guidelines for Each Area

Social and Service Areas (green zones) are intended for
group work, collaboration, discussion, and other conversations.
  • You can talk to the people at your table or in your immediate area.
  • Cell phones should be on low volume, vibrate, or silent.
  • Phone conversations should be conducted considerately.
Semi-Quiet Working Areas (yellow zones) are intended for
quiet conversation, quiet collaboration, and other low-noise activities.
  • When you are speaking, use a low voice or a whisper.
  • Cell phones should be on vibrate or silent.
  • Long phone conversations and video calls should be taken to a green area.
Quiet Study Areas (red zones) are intended for silent use.
  • Everyone should refrain from talking.
  • Cell phones should be on vibrate or silent.
    If you need to take a call, please leave the red area before answering.
  • If using headphones, take particular care that no one else can hear what you are listening to.


Main Level Study Zones

Upper Level Study Zones  


Not specified