Interlibrary Loan Basics

Request an item using Interlibrary Loan now (UPEI users)

Sometimes, you may not need the final, published version of an article, or, it may have been published Open Access (OA). Use the following tool to search for those items:

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Problems placing a request?

  • Do not include any leading zeros in your ID Number that may have appeared on other correspondence, such as your letter of acceptance, ie. use 123456 not 0123456.
  • Ensure there are no spaces, or, other extra characters, at the beginning or end of your name as the system is looking for a perfect match.
  • Please email if you are encountering any difficulties submitting requests.

Request an item from PCU (Other libraries)

  • Reminder: Requesting libraries need to choose the "target" library before submitting a request.

Check Full Text Finder - will also give you a link to the ILL form with the citation information filled out


Interlibrary Loan may be used by faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff to request a scanned copy of an article or chapter from our Library's print collection or to acquire research materials from another library. Members of the Public may also request materials through Interlibrary Loan. If there is a cost associated with acquiring the material, you will be notified and payment must be made, in person, at the Service Desk, before the request will be filled. If you are not affiliated with UPEI, please contact your local library to request our materials.

When you successfully submit a request, you will receive a notification with your request number in your browser session along with an email notification. Keep the number handy for any questions you may have about your request. If you do not get these notifications, there is a problem. Email explaining your situation and we'll try to help.

Multiple items: fill out a separate online Interlibrary Loan form for each item.

Filled requests: you will be notified by email when it is available from Please ensure your mail settings allow delivery from this web address. If you have any questions, forward this email to "Replies" to the email address will not be received.

Digital items: most articles and chapters are delivered in an email message as a link to retrieve the PDF file. The attachment is merely a copy of your request -- not the actual article. If you encounter any difficulties, please forward the email and any comments to You may wish to try a different browser first. Note that tablets may not be able to handle pdfs. The symptom of this is that you will only see the first page of the pdf. You can, however, download the file on a computer and transfer it to your tablet.

Print items: ILL'd books (and microform) are held at the Service Desk. Most items will have a 21 day loan period from the time they are received by the library. Please try to use the material in that time, but, if you feel you need the material for longer, please email us at and we shall request an extension from the lending library. The response will be at the discretion of that library, so please use the materials as if you have only the 3 week time period. Materials borrowed from other libraries within Atlantic Canada will almost always be renewed upon request, but those from outside the region are less likely to be renewed. In some circumstances, the library will consider the purchase of recently published materials instead of borrowing from elsewhere. You will be notified if the library decides to pursue this course of action.

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If you require any assistance, please contact us by email telephone 902-566-0445, or, ask at the Service Desk, or, telephone 902-566-0583.

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