Configure Google Scholar with "Check@UPEI"

Google Scholar will help you find great articles, but when you navigate to them, many publishers will ask you to pay for access. You can configure Google Scholar so that the search results page includes links to "Check@UPEI" for this content.

One-click Setup

This is a shortcut link to open Google Scholar, with the UPEI link available. You will need to select the checkbox and press "Save".

Manual Setup

1. From, open the "hamburger" menu icon (three lines) and choose "Settings".

Google scholar Menu open, showing link to "Settings"

2. Select "Library links" on the Settings sidebar menu.

Scholar Settings, indicating "Library links" as the last option in the settings menu

3. In the search bar, enter "UPEI" and press Enter or Search. "University of Prince Edward Island / Check@UPEI" will appear below the search bar, with an unchecked checkbox. Select the checkbox. Then, click "Save".

Library Links configuration page showing UPEI in the search box, and the "University of Prince Edward Island - Check@UPEI" option selected.


Updated: Nov 16, 2020