Proxy Bookmarklet

This "bookmarklet" helps you get off-campus access to library resources. Click the bookmark to reload the current page through the UPEI Proxy server. If you are off campus, this may give you access to a journal article or book, if we have licensed access.

This bookmarklet is a small bit of javascript that doesn't require you to install anything, just drag a link into your toolbar. There are also browser extensions such as LibX that do similar things and can also search for open-access copies of the same article.

 "UPEI Proxy"

Drag the above link to your bookmarks toolbar.

Safari or Google Chrome

Click and drag this "via Proxy" link to your "Bookmarks" bar


  • Right click on this link: "via Proxy"
  • select "Bookmark This Link"
  • click and drag that link to your "Bookmarks" toolbar

Internet Explorer

  • Right click on this link: "via Proxy"
  • select "Add to Favorites"
  • click and drag the link to your "Links" toolbar.

You might see a security alert that the "favorite may not be safe", although it is. Click "yes" to continue.



  • If the bookmarks toolbar is not visible in your browser, you can try to enable it under the View > Toolbars menu.
  • The bookmarklet is compatible with most web browsers and platforms as long as your bookmarks or favorites allow javascript.
  • You can also save the bookmarklet in your bookmarks folder instead of the toolbar.