Collection Development Policy - Appendix C - Donations

Donation Policy

The Robertson Library welcomes in-kind gifts which enhance existing collections and support the programs and research of the University.  All gifts must meet the guidelines of the Library’s collection policies.  The Library also welcomes donations for the purchase of such materials.

Gifts/donations are accepted with the understanding that the Library will make the final decision on the retention and storage of the material.  Donations which are not accepted for the library collection will be: returned to the donor (at the donor's expense) if so requested at the time of the donation, sold in the Library’s occasional book sale, offered to other libraries through duplicate exchange lists, or discarded.  Some materials which the Library does not collect are:

  • loose issues of journals - unless they constitute a significant "run" or enhance existing holdings of that same title,
  • mass market paperbacks, although these may be considered for the book sale,
  • material in poor condition or containing mould, or
  • duplicates, unless there is a high demand for the material.

In order that library materials may be organized for effective use, donations will be added to the general collection or, if applicable, to the Prince Edward Island collection.  It is rarely practicable to maintain gifts as separate collections.

Popular works, either books or journals, are accepted as donations for leisure reading on a limited basis and as space allows.  Such journal titles are neither catalogued nor bound, and they are not kept for longer than one year.


Tax Receipts

A tax receipt for in-kind gifts will only be provided if one is requested before or at the time of the delivery of the materials, and only if the materials are accompanied with an itemized list of the materials, including ISBN for materials that have one (books, some multimedia) and specific volume/issue/date information for journal issues.

Tax receipts will not be issued for donations with a total value under $100 for used materials, or under $25 for new materials.

In keeping with Revenue Canada stipulations, the Library will appraise donations of up to $1,000.  Donations will be appraised at the time of the donation, following "The Guidelines for the Appraisal of Gifts in Kind to College and Institute Libraries" (copy available upon request, fixed estimates adjusted for inflation).  Appraisals conducted by library staff are non-negotiable and final.

Appraisals of donations which exceed $1,000 are the responsibility of the donor and must be appraised by a disinterested third party with experience in valuing the material in question.  Supporting documentation must accompany such gifts. 

Tax receipts will be issued only for items that are retained for the Library collection.

 Revised: June, 2022

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