Finding Information About People: Business Administration

Information about individuals can be found in books, journals, and websites. To find books, search the individual's name as a subject in the Library Catalogue (e.g., Irving, K. C.), or use subject headings such as Businesswomen -- Canada. It is important to note that many individuals will not have entire biographical works dedicated to them, so be sure to check Biographical Dictionaries which are compilations of biographical information on various individuals. Biographical dictionaries can range in the scope and detail of their entries, some will have long entries detailing key specifics of an individual’s life, while others will simply state minimal information. Biographical dictionaries often also contain references that can be useful for finding further information on an individual.

The following are some biographical dictionaries which can be useful when searching for information on individuals in the field of business.

Biography Index (1946-2007)
Index to biographies of prominent people from every field. Biographies appear in articles in over 3,000 journals, as well as in books. Each issue includes an index by profession/occupation.
Indexes - 3rd Floor

Canadian Who's Who (1910-2010)
Though this source is not limited to business biographies, it does include any Canadian who holds prominent positions or have made significant contributions to their respective fields. Also available as e-books to the UPEI community.

Current Biography Yearbook (1940-2004)
Bound volumes of this monthly issued publication profiles a wide range of individuals from all nationalities, professions and occupations who are popular in their fields. Each yearbook contains a classified list by profession/occupation.

Financial Post Directory of Directors (1989-2004)
The Personal Listings section gives addresses, executive positions, and personal information for almost 16,000 directors and executives of Canadian companies who reside in Canada. Company Listings (printed on coloured paper) present 1,800 top Canadian companies, with their boards of directors and executive officers, regardless of place of residence. The Industrial Classification Index lists key Canadian companies, sorted by industry types. The Geographic Location Index lists the names of all companies carried in the Company Listings section, grouped according to the province and city of the executive office.
REFERENCE HG4090.Z5F5 2004

Forbes Billionaires Directory
Search for information on the world's richest people. Each entry includes worth, source of wealth, and short biographical sketch.

Forbes Top CEOs
Information on the 500 best paid chief executives of American corporations.

Who's Who in America (1899-2004)
An authoritative directory, not limited to economics, of America’s highest achievers, listed in alphabetical order, and with a Professional Index. The 2014 edition is available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REFERENCE, 3rd Floor E176.W642 

Who's Who in Canada (1914-2001)
An illustrated biographical resource with profiles of leading Canadians from all fields including government, academia, and business. An index at the back groups people by occupation. 

Who's Who in Canadian Business (1981-1998)
Provides biographical data on chief executive officers, senior and executive vice-presidents and other key Canadian corporate executives. The 2001-2004 editions are available as e-books to the UPEI community.

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