Finding Background Information: Business Adminstration

When you are doing research on a topic, you will often encounter unfamiliar terms, or familiar ones used in a specialized way. Dictionaries can provide a quick definition and often some elaboration on the uses of the term. Encyclopedias provide background information on unfamiliar subjects, leading you quickly to key ideas and sources in developing your topic. Many encyclopedia articles will also include brief bibliographies which will lead you to further sources of information. Dictionaries and encyclopedias covering business administration topics include:

Gale Virtual Library
Collection of business related reference works. 

  • International Directory of Company Histories
    • Provides histories of companies that are a leading influence in a particular industry or geographic location. For students, job candidates, business executives, historians and investors.
  • Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries
    • Provides information about the inception, emergence and current status of new and established industries and business segments that are pioneering new technologies, introducing break-through marketing strategies or implementing innovative means of serving new markets. Consists of detailed profiles newer industries, such as biometrics, risk management services, satellites, specialty tourism, and others.
  • Encyclopedia of Emerging Markets
    • This business encyclopedia provides custom-written articles offering rare insight into nations with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization, as well as highlighting key emerging industries within those economies.

Other Reference books/ebooks from our collection

Accounting Terminology Guide

Biz/ed Business Glossary
Each term is accompanied by a definition, and links to related diagrams and other related terms.

Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Finance
Provides short articles on major topics in the field of finance. Bibliographical references are included.
REF: HG151.B49 1998

Dictionary of Banking and Finance (2005)

A Dictionary of Business and Management (2009)
“This dictionary is a wide-ranging and informative guide to all areas of business, covering business strategy, marketing, taxation, accounting, operations management, investment, banking and international finance.“

Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms  (2006)
Provides brief definitions in the areas of stocks, banking, corporate finance, tax laws, and mutual funds.

Encyclopedia of Banking and Finance
In addition to definitions of basic banking and financial terms, in-depth entries provide information such as historical background, analysis of recent trends, illustrative examples, and statistical data. Bibliographical references are included in many cases. American in scope.
REF: HG151.M8 1994

Encyclopedia of Business
A Discipline Index at the back of Vol. 2 offers subject access by 31 broad business disciplines, and there is also a General Index. Bibliographical references are provided.
REF: HF1001.E466 1995

Encyclopedia of Management
REF: HD30.15.E49 2000

The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics
Contains “nearly 2,000 signed entries written by more than 900 prominent economists, historians, philosophers, mathematicians, and statisticians. Articles present diverse philosophies, ideologies, and methodologies and discuss their origin, historical development, and philosophical foundation.” Bibliographical references are included for most entries.
REF: HB61.N49 1987

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money & Finance
A companion work to The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics. The main geographical focus is North America and Britain, although some 30 countries are included. Most of the essays are followed by bibliographical references.
REF: HG151.N48 1992

Prentice Hall Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Terms
REF: HF1001.C68 1995

Roberts' Dictionary of Industrial Relations
Terms and phrases used in the field of labour-management relations.
REF: HD4839.R612 1994

Routledge Dictionary of Business Managment (2004)

Routledge Dictionary of Economics (2002)

Wall Street Words: An Essential A to Z Guide for Today's Investor
Provides information on approximately 4,000 investment terms and many economic and accounting terms used in discussions of investment topics.
REF: HG4513.S37 1997

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