Finding Government Information: Business Administration

Government documents can be useful in researching many Business Administration topics. At the Robertson Library, some government documents are catalogued; use the Library Catalogue to locate these. For those government documents which are not catalogued, check Finding Government Information for sites which may be useful in identifying relevant documents.

To locate government documents on the web, use the search engine below to search Government of Canada, provincial, and municipal websites.




The following are examples of government publications which can be useful when researching Business Administration topics. See also the Finding Statistics and Market Data section of this Guide.

Canada Business Network
A portal for accessing federal and provincial business information, including taxes, regulations, exporting and importing, and financing.

Canada Year Book (former title: Statistical Year-Book of Canada) (1872-2011)
Compilation of basic statistics and news on the social and economic life of Canada. Canada e-Book is an electronic counterpart.

Industry Canada: Canadian Company Capabilities 
A database of over 60,000 Canadian businesses. Search by company name or product/service description.

Industry Canada: Industries and Business
Industry-specific links to directory-type information, statistical data and analysis on the Canadian market, trade journals, industry associations, trade shows, etc.​

Industry Canada : Just for Business
Industry Canada’s comprehensive resource covering market research, company information, regulatory information, international trade, etc.

Innovation PEI:  Business Development 
Provides comprehensive information on starting, expanding, or locating a business on Prince Edward Island.

Market Research Handbook
Annual compilation from Statistics Canada designed to be a comprehensive source of socio-economic statistics for all those who study the Canadian consumer market. Presented are profiles of key industries, as well as consumers in all provinces and 45 major cities. Also available on the Web from 2001-2005, 2006, and 2008.
REFERENCE HC111.A19 2008; Gov.Doc. CS63-224

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