Finding Case Studies: Business Administration

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Business Source Complete

  • In Business Source Complete enter your search terms, then either check off the Document Type Case study or include the Subject Case studies as part of your search.


CBCA Complete

  • CBCA Complete offers similar ways of finding case studies: enter your search terms, then either check off the Document Type Case study or include the Subject Case studies as part of your search.


Business Insights: Global (Gale)

Business Insights: Global


From the website: "The Journal of Business Case Studies (JBCS) welcomes case studies designed for use in business and economics courses and articles related to the use of case studies in the classroom." An open access journal. 


Free Cases

Acadia Institute of Case Studies (Acadia University)

From the website: "The Acadia Institute of Case Studies (AICS) is a non-profit centre in the School of Business Administration, Acadia University. The purpose of the Institute is to develop educational resource materials to assist educators and instructors in the classroom by providing innovative and enhanced "teaching tools" which reflect "real-world" situations." the Asian Business Case Centre

E-catalogue with abstracts.


Aspen Institute: Ideas worth teaching

"Ideas Worth Teaching is a tightly curated, weekly email for business school faculty to prompt new conversations in the classroom about the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good. Its intent is to provide “drag and drop” functionality – allowing faculty to easily use the articles, cases and other teaching materials that we will be sharing in their class discussins."

Case Centre

As part of The Case Centre’s commitment to promoting the case method and supporting case teachers, we offer a growing range of free cases produced by a number of prominent schools and organisations across the globe. Note: registration is required to access these case studies.

MIT Sloan School of Management: Learning Edge: Case Studies

The teaching business case studies available on LearningEdge, which fall under the headings of entrepreneurship, leadership/ethics, operations management, strategy, sustainability, and system dynamics, are narratives that facilitate class discussion about a particular business or management issue.

Schroeder and Schroeder

Schroeder and Schroeder provide case studies related to the work they have done for various clients.

The Times 100 Case Studies

Updated annually, the Times 100 presents actual business issues from real world companies.

Virtual Economy Case Studies (Biz/ed)

Looks at the impact of various economic policies on three different groups: People, Business and Government.


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