Finding Web Resources: Business Administration

There are many Web resources relating to Business Administration, but as with all information found on the Internet, the quality varies widely. For help in evaluating Web information and using search tools, see Finding Quality Web Information.

Sites created by research agencies, government departments, and professional organizations, such as the Canadian Marketing Association can be regarded as authoritative.

The following guides (or metapages) serve as starting points for locating Business information on the Web. For a selection of more specialized websites, see other sections of this Business Administration Research Guide, organized under the categories of Background Information, Journal Articles, Company Information, Statistics and Market Data, People, Organizations, Government Information, and Citing Sources.

Business, economic, and related Web resources selected by the Library of Congress.

Business Administration Gateway (Academic Info)
A well-organized guide to quality Business resources on the Web. Most links have brief annotations.

Rutgers University Libraries: Subject Research Guides: Business
This award-winning site provides links to “more than 3,000 selected business and management-related Internet resources.”

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