Finding Quotations: Political Science

Dictionary of Political Quotations on Ireland 1886-1987 Phrases Make History Here
"The quotations in this book have been selected to give a chronology of the remembered and the telling phrases of the last hundred years, touching on the great issues and arguments of the day, the political and social pre-occupations and the passing distractions" (Introduction). Begins with an historical summary and is followed by a chronological arrangement of the quotations. Includes an Index to Speakers and a Subject Index.
REF: DA959.O25 1987

MacMillan Dictionary of Political Quotations
Provides over 12,000 quotations arranged by topic and then by author within each topic. Author index and concept index included.
REF: PN6084.P6E54 1993

Political Quotations: A Collection of Notable Sayings on Politics From Antiquity Through 1989
Provides over 4,000 quotations on political subjects that are arranged alphabetically by general subject headings and then by date within subject heading. Includes an author and subject/keyword index. Author index includes birth and death dates and brief background information. Source citations is included within the text.
REF: PN6084.P6P58 1990

Political Quotations: A Worldwide Dictionary of Political and Pronouncements from Politicians, Literary Figures, Humorists and Others
Provides a listing of quotations that are written in a political context. Entries are arranged alphabetically by category with a "see" reference to alternative categories. Includes an author index and an index of key words in context.
REF: PN6084.P6P59 1994

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