Finding Information About Organizations: Political Science

Organizations and associations may supply specialized information on a topic. DIRECTORIES can be useful for identifying these, and provide information such as personnel, addresses, telephone numbers, and publications. To locate information about political organizations and associations, use directories such as:

Associations Canada: An Encyclopedic Directory
Comprehensive directory of Canadian associations as well as foreign associations which have affiliations in Canada, Canadian executive officers, Canadian members, or which are of concern to Canadians. Alphabetical arrangement by name of the organization, with numerous indexes, including subject, geographic, acronym, and executive name.
REF: AS40.A86

Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Political Institutions
Provides concise information on the main concepts used in the study of political institutions. Coverage includes leading organizations and movements and leading political scientists of the past. Individual entries include a bibliography. An index is included.
REF: JA61.B56 1987

Canadian Almanac & Directory
Includes Government Directory section that includes: Quick Reference, Government of Canada, Provincial Governments, Territorial Governments, The Queen & Royal Family, The Commonwealth, The Francophonie, International Organizations, Foreign Diplomats in Canada, and Canadian Representatives Abroad.
REF: AY414.C2

Canadian Sourcebook
Provides information on officials in federal and provincial departments, agencies, boards, commissions, and crown corporations in Canada.
REF: AY414.M177

Directory of British Associations & Associations in Ireland (12th edition)
Directory-type information for associations, societies, institutes, and similar organizations in all fields of activity. Includes an Abbreviations Index and a Subject Index.
REF: AS118.D56 1994

Directory of International Organizations
A concise source of information on international organizations, including legal status, objectives, membership, and structures.
REF: JX1995.S36313 1996

Encyclopedia of Associations. International Organizations (36th edition)
A comprehensive source of detailed information on nearly 23,000 national and international organizations. Entries are arranged by subject, with an extensive Name and Keyword Index, as well as indexes by geography and executive name.
REF: AS8.E53

Encyclopedia of Interest Groups and Lobbyists in the United States (2 Volumes)
Provides profiles of 197 special interest groups.
Part 1 - Interest Groups. Groups arranged under thirteen broad subject categories, i.e., agriculture, environment, health and medical. Includes a current description of the interest group, a history of the interest group, the activities, current and future agenda, and financial data including expenses and political donations.
Part 11 - Political Action Committees and Lobbyists: Tables and Figures. Includes Contact Information, Glossary, Bibliography and Index.
REF: JK1118.N47 2000

Europa Directory of International Organizations
Provides a comprehensive guide to over 1,700 international and regional organizations and an overview of the framework of international affairs
Part One - Background Information includes an Introduction to International Organizations; Challenges Facing the International System in the 21st Century; The Development of International Organizations: a Chronology.
Part Two - The United Nations provides in-depth coverage of the United Nations.
Part Three - Major Non-UN Organizations.
Part Four - Other International Organizations provides a subject approach to these organizations.
Part Five - Who’s Who in International Organizations. Includes Abbreviations, International Telephone Codes and an Index of International Organizations.
REF: JZ4838.E97 2003

Europa World Year Book (1967- )
Provides detailed information on each country's political system and economic conditions, as well as providing lists and addresses for significant offices and organizations. Arranged alphabetically.
REF: JN1.E85

Federal Guidebook: A Guidebook to the Canadian Federal Government and its Decision-makers
Describes what each department and agency does and who the major decision-makers are; keeps you abreast of changes in both personnel and organization which have occurred over the past year.
REF: JL71.F37 2001-2002

Federal Lobbyists
Provides information on public policy advocacy in Canada. The information is arranged by: 1) Lobbyist, including the names, the addresses and the phone numbers of all Consultants, organizations and corporate lobbyists; 2) Consultant lobby firms, including a list of their lobbyists and clients; 3) Client organizations, including all lobbyists working on their behalf. Also includes industry profile; profile of policy papers; industry structure; ranking of firms, and articles on the state of government relations.
REF: JL86.L62F43 1994

Provides a searchable directory of over 14,000 United States and international non-profit organizations who require volunteers. “Entries include location, contact, and mission information, in addition to email addresses and website links (when available). Entries may be browsed by geographical location, and a searchable database of nonprofit internships and jobs is also available.” (Scout Report)

International Directory of Government, 1999 (3rd edition)
"Provides a comprehensive guide to the governments, ministries, departments, agencies and corporations for every country and dependency in the world." Also, includes names of principal officials and the contact information.
REF: JF37.I58 1999

Internet Public Library - Associations - Law, Government and Political Science
A collection of over 1,100 Internet sites providing information about a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions. Abstracts about each association and its site are provided. Can be searched by category, including Business.

Inter-Parliamentary Union
The IPU is the international organization of Parliaments of sovereign States. Information about the IPU including its functioning and documents, area of activities, publications, etc. are included. There are also links to PARLINE” Database, Library Database “PARLIT, Web Sites of National Parliaments, Women in National Parliaments, and Women in Politics Bibliographic Database.

Political Handbook of the World
A basic reference source that reviews the government and politics, political parties and legislatures for each country. It lists parties, heads of state, members of the legislature and cabinet, news media, and intergovernmental representation. Arranged by country and name of organization and published annually, it is very up-to-date and useful, especially for those interested in political parties.
REF: JF37.P6 2008

Scott's Canadian Sourcebook
Includes a section on Canadian associations and societies.
REF: AY414.M177

Statesman's Year-Book
Contains information about international agencies, regional organizations, national governments, as well as key data for each country.
REF: JA51.S7

Union of International Associations
Provides links to International organizations selected from the Yearbook of International Organizations. Listed by name alphabetically, by subject areas, and by regional groupings.

United States Government Manual
Provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the United States Government. Includes information on quasi-official agencies; international organizations (if the United States in involved); and boards, commissions, and communities.
REF: JK421.A3 2002-2003

World Encyclopedia of Parliaments and Legislatures (2 Volumes)
Provides information on parliaments and legislatures around the world. Alphabetically arranged entries contain basic factual information: official name, capital, population, date of independence, date of current constitution, form of government, language, monetary unit, fiscal year, legislature, number of chambers, number of members, percentage of women, term of legislature, most recent legislative election, minimum age for voting, minimum age for membership, suffrage, voting, address, telephone, and fax. Also includes a signed article with a bibliography on the history and development of the country’s government. Volume 2 includes topical essays, including but not limited to: the European Parliament, Executive Legislative Relations, Lobbying, Televising Parliaments, the United Nations General Assembly, and Women and Minorities in Parliaments and Legislatures.
REF: JF511.W67 1998

Yearbook of International Organizations (5 Volumes)
Comprehensive guide to international organizations. Alphabetical arrangement with indexes by country of location, subject concerns, regional concerns, and topic. A Keyword Index is also included.
REF: JX1904.A42 2001-2002

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