Finding Journal Articles: Political Science

The most current research on any academic topic is usually found in journal articles.

Use databases to find articles on a particular topic.

Robertson Library licenses databases for the campus community and they can be accessed directly through the campus network or if you are off campus you will be prompted for your UPEI credentials.

Print indexes can be found in the Reference area on the Main Level, shelved alphabetically by title [note: some indexes are also shelved in compact storage].

Databases pertinent to Political Science include:


Print indexes pertinent to Political Science include:

Canadian Periodical Index 1920-2002
Indexes over 400 major Canadian journals (English and French) in all subject areas including political science. Indexes by author and subject.

Microlog. Canadian Research Index.
Provides access to Canadian report literature from government and institutional sources. Includes Canadian federal, provincial, and local government publications and publications of non-governmental research institutions. Available through Canadian Research Index from 1982 to 1994.

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