Finding Background Information: Political Science

When you are doing research on a topic, you will often encounter unfamiliar terms, or familiar ones used in a specialized way. DICTIONARIES can provide a quick definition and often some elaboration on the uses of the term. ENCYCLOPEDIAS provide background information on unfamiliar subjects, leading you quickly to key ideas and sources in developing your topic. Many encyclopedia articles will also include brief bibliographies which will lead you to further sources of information. Dictionaries and encyclopedias covering political science topics include:

The A to Z of World Development: A Unique Reference Book on Global Issues for the New Century
Provides an explanation of the terms, concepts, and issues related to world development. Arranged alphabetically. Also, includes graphs and charts of data, a bibliography, a world map, a photo reference and Basic Indicators - The State of the World’s People - arranged by country.
REF. HD82.C76 1998

American Presidential Campaigns and Elections (3 Volumes)
Provides information on American Presidential election campaigns from 1788/89 to 2000. Organized by Presidential election year, it describes, analyzes and examines each election including the historical context of the election, political climate and campaign themes and issues, candidates, and campaign organizations. Volume 1 includes essays on the American Electoral Process and the elections form 1788-89 - 1856. a General Index and a Biographical Index. Volume 2 covers elections from 1860-1940 and includes a General Index and a Biographical Index. Volume 3 covers elections from 1944-2000and includes the following appendixes: U.S. Constitution: Excerpts on the Electoral College and the Presidency; Glossary; Chronology of Political Parties; Chronology of Events; Bibliography; Sources for Election Statistics; General Index; and Biographical Index.
REF: JK1965.A57 2003

Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science
Provides a guide to the vocabulary of political science. Political parties and individual are not included. However, significant policies and movements are included.
REF: JA61.B43 1999

Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science: A User's Guide to Its Terms
Includes short biographies of the most eminent writers in the discipline - both classical and modern.

Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Political Institutions
Provides concise information on the main concepts used in the study of political institutions. Coverage includes leading organizations and movements and leading political scientists of the past. Individual entries include a bibliography. An index is included.
REF: JA61.B56 1987

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Thought
Provides a guide to the major concepts and ideas in political science. Also provides biographical information on approximately 100 political thinkers and philosophers. Extensive cross-references and selected bibliographies are included in most signed entries.
REF: JA61.B57 1991

Central and South-Eastern Europe
Provides an up-to-date perspective on the political, economic, and social affairs of this area. Part 1 - General Survey covers issues of regional importance such as economies, minorities, religion and environment. Part 2 - Country Surveys includes chapters on each of the countries of the region and contains geographical information, an historical chronology, essays on political and economic affairs; a statistical survey that includes the latest demographic and economic figures; and a directory of names and addresses of organizations and people. Part 3 - Political Profiles of the Region provides biographical information on the leading figures of the region.
REF: HC244.A1C46 2004

Companion to American Thought
Provides information on American ideas and thinkers of interest to those who work in the following areas: humanities, social sciences, journalism, politics, law, the ministry, social work, or psychology.
REF: E169.1.C685 1995

Congress A to Z (4th edition)
Provides comprehensive information on Congress to mid-2003. Approximately 250 entries cover the institutions, people, processes, and events associated with Congress. Tables provide historical information on Congress. A detailed index, a bibliography and extensive cross-references are included.
REF: JK1021.C554 2003

Dictionary of American Foreign Affairs
Provides comprehensive information on the agreements, events, ideas, organizations, and people that have influenced America's participation in world events. Coverage is provided from 1776 to the present.
REF: E183.7.F58 1993

Dictionary of British Politics
Provides information on “the personalities, policies and institutions that have shaped British politics, with special emphasis on the developments since the beginning of the twentieth century.” Provides “short authoritative explanations and definitions of the key terms, institutions, offices of state, political events, processes and policies as well as biographies of well known politicians, political thinkers, movements and theorists.” Part 1 covers politics; Part 11 covers people. Includes a list of topically arranged Websites and a bibliography. There is no index but there is extensive cross-referencing.
REF: JN114.J66 2004

Dictionary of Government and Politics (2nd edition)
Provides a basic guide to the vocabulary used in government and politics in Britain and the United States. Subject areas covered include: elections, international affairs, local government, national legislatures, parliamentary and council procedures, political parties, and theories. European Union terminology is included.
REF: JA61.C57 1998

Dictionary of Historic Documents
Provides factual information on more than 2,400 significant documents in world history. Arranged alphabetically, each entry describes “the principal details of the document, its significance and historical context, as well as primary or secondary sources for further reference.” Includes key acts, constitutions, proclamations, treaties, bills, laws, agreements, and speeches. Includes cross-references, a Timetable of Documents, Entries by Category, Select Bibliography and Index.
REF: D9.D525 2003

Dictionary of Marxist Thought
Provides a guide to the basic concepts of Marxism. The entries, written by experts, are easily understood. Includes a bibliography.
REF: HX17.D5 1983

Dictionary of Modern Political Ideologies
Provides a basic overview of modern ideologies. There is a European emphasis although there has been an attempt to give some consideration to the ideologies of other continents.
REF: JA61.D53 1987

Dictionary of Modern Politics (3rd edition)
Provides over five hundred extensive definitions on the ideologies and terminology in the world of politics including political theories, dogmas, ideas, phraseologies, and institutions.
REF: JA61.R63 2002

Dictionary of the European Union (3rd edition)
“This A-Z guide explains the key concepts and institutions linked to the European Union, along with brief biographies of the leading figures related to the foundation and development of the EU.” (from the book)
REF: KJE926.5.P55 2006

Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas (4 Volumes and Index)
Provides information on the history of political ideas, ideologies, and movements. A bibliography is included in most articles.
REF: CB5.D52

Dictionary of the Modern Politics of Japan
Provides an introductory essay on the politics of Japan, an essay on theories of Japanese politics and approximately 250 alphabetically arranged entries. These entries include prime ministers, party leaders, political parties, agencies of central government and the judicial and electoral systems, political crises, episodes and scandals, influential interest groups, constitution and constitutional issues, and government policy.
REF: JQ1605.S86 2003

Dictionary of the Modern Politics of South-East Asia (2001)
This dictionary provides key facts and background information on political events in Brunei, Burma, Indonesia, Kampuchea, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam since 1945. There is a brief article on each country followed by alphabetically arranged entries for people, events, organizations and treaties. Cross-references are included. The 3rd edition is available in print – REF: DS526.7.L45 2001

Dictionary of 20th Century World Politics
Provides entries on individuals, theories and ideas, doctrines, and concepts that have influenced the twentieth century. Includes cross-references.
REF: JA61.S53 1993

Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia
Provides and authoritative up-to-date survey of the countries and territories of the region. Part One - General Survey provides authoritative articles on regional issues and problems. Part Two - Country Surveys provides detailed information on each of the countries. Each country chapter includes information on the country, its people, history, politics and economy; a geography and map; historical chronology; essay on political affairs and an essay on economic affairs; detailed statistical and directory section; and a select bibliography. Part Three - Political Profiles of the Region provides detailed information on the leading individuals in the region including contact information. Part Four - Regional Information , provides detailed information on the principal international organizations and research institutes that are active in the region, and select bibliographies of books and periodicals.
REF: HC244.A1E293 2004

Elections A to Z
Provides more than "200 alphabetical entries on running for the House, the Senate, the presidency, and some statewide offices." Topics include campaign finance, presidential debates, campaign process, primary types, political parties, election statistics, and a list of presidents and vice-presidents.
REF: JK1976.M57 1999

Encyclopaedia of World Conflicts (3 volumes)
This book “is made to serve the purpose of a sourcebook of international conflicts.” (Publisher). Entries are arranged according to country. Each country article discusses the conflicts in that country and concludes with a timeline. Volume 111 also includes the following: Acronyms, Glossary, Bibliography and Index.
REF: JZ4971.N67 2007

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy: Studies of the Principal Movements and Ideas (2nd edition) (3 Volumes)
Provides in-depth scholarly essays on the concepts, themes, significant movements, and policies in the history of American foreign policy.
REF: E183.7.E52 2002

Encyclopedia of American Political History
Provides approximately 240 articles by prominent scholars of American political history. The articles are arranged alphabetically, are cross-references by subjects, and include a bibliography. Topics covered include: people, parties, political movements, historical events, Includes a descriptive time line of political events in the United States history, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, and an index.
REF: E183.E48 2001

Encyclopedia of American Political History: Studies of the Principal Movements and Ideas (3 Volumes)
Provides lengthy articles, with historical perspectives, on the principal movements and ideas in American history, including significant people and events. The articles are authoritative and scholarly and include bibliographies.
REF: E183.E5 1984

Encyclopedia of Bioterrorism Defense
“This groundbreaking reference marks the first time a publication has attempted to provide complete coverage in the field of bioterrorism. Articles review current knowledge across various disciplines within the context of bioterrorism, covering the most recent developments in areas including bioterrorism agents, biodefense infrastructure, biotechnology, preparedness, threats, threat analysis, and legislation. Relevant biological warfare events are included with a thorough analysis.” (Publisher) Includes over 125 articles and also provides case studies.
REF: HV6431.E52 2005

Encyclopedia of Democracy (4 Volumes)
Provides 417 lengthy signed articles on concepts, countries, geographical areas, historical eras, important individuals, philosophical concepts and other issues that provide an understanding of democracy, with bibliographies.
REF: JC423.E53 1995

Encyclopedia of Governance (2 Volumes)
“The Encyclopedia of Governance provides a one-stop point of reference for the diverse and complex topics surrounding governance for the period between the collapse of the post-war consensus and the rise of neoliberal regimes in the 1970s. This comprehensive resource concentrates primarily on topics related to the changing nature and role of the state in recent times and the ways in which these roles have been conceptualized in the areas of Political Science, Public Administration, Political Economy, and Sociology.” (Publisher)     Approximately 550 alphabetically arranged entries written by international contributors are included.  There are three points of access to the material – List of Entries, Reader’s Guide and an Index. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: JC11.E53 2007 

Encyclopedia of Government and Politics (2nd edition) (2 Volumes)
Provides in-depth essays by international contributors on a variety of topics. Chapters include: Political theory: central concepts; Contemporary ideologies; Contemporary political systems; Political institutions; Political forces and political processes; Centripetal and centrifugal forces in the nation-state; Policy-making and policies; International relations; Major issues in contemporary world politics; A short biography of each of the contributors and an index is included.
REF: JA61.C66 2004

Encyclopedia of Historical Treaties and Alliances (2 Volumes)
Provides information on more that 2000 international agreements from ancient Mesopotamia to the present. Each chapter begins with an overview essay that places the treaties in historical context and outlines their impact. An alphabetical list of Treaties, A Chronological List of Treaties, a Bibliography and Index are included.
REF: KZ1160.P48 2001

Encyclopedia of Human Rights (2nd edition)
Provides lengthy articles on countries, organizations, and topics. Also, includes the texts of major documents, a bibliography, a chronological list of documents, and an index.
REF: JC571.E67 1996

Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues Since 1945
Provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on human rights issues from 1945 to 1998. It includes a list of "Significant Dates in the Field of Human Rights", "The International Bill of Human Rights" (Appendix B), and the "Convention on the Rights of the Child" (Appendix C). A glossary and an index are included. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF. JC571.L2747 1999

Encyclopedia of International Peacekeeping Operations
Provides an overview of the terms, persons, organizations, countries, conflicts, and agreements representative of peacekeeping efforts. Coverage includes: “major controversies about peacekeeping, military doctrines behind peacekeeping, full historical summaries of all major missions; causes of and parties to the conflicts; biographical sketches of important military, civilian, and political figures, and UN offices responsible for peacekeeping operations, training centers, and programs.” Also includes: Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in Peacekeeping; Appendixes - Appendix 1 - Force Commanders of UN Peacekeeping Missions 1948-1998; Appendix 2 - Special Representatives of the Secretary-General 1948-1998; Appendix 3 - International Peacekeeping Acronyms; and a bibliography and an index.
REF: JZ6374.R36 1999

Encyclopedia of International Relations and Global Politics
“The Routledge Encyclopedia of International Relations and Global Politics provides a unique reference source for students and academics covering all aspects of global international relations and the contemporary discipline across IR's major subject divisions of diplomacy, military affairs, international political economy, and theory. Written by a distinguished group of international scholars, the Encyclopedia is largely comprised of substantial entries of more than 1,000 words, with fifty major entries of 5,000 words on core contemporary topics. Each entry is fully cross-referenced and followed by a listing of complementary entries and a short bibliography for further reading. The whole is comprehensively indexed. (Publisher)
REF: JZ1160.E53 2005

Encyclopedia of Latin American Politics
Provides an in-depth historical introduction to Latin America beginning with the independence movements in the late 18th century but focusing mainly on the 20th century. Arranged alphabetically by country, the country profiles include economic, political and social data, brief entries on terms, events, individuals, and organizations, a list of presidents and a bibliography. Includes a glossary and an index and two appendices - Appendix 1 - Multilateral Agreements, Groupings, Organizations, and Wars; Appendix 2 - U.S. Policy in Latin America and U.S. Based Inter-American Organizations.
REF: F1410.E56 2001

Encyclopedia of Modern Separatist Movements
Provides an historical overview of separatist movements in the introductory essay. Four hundred alphabetically arranged entries, varying in length from a paragraph to several pages, examine the full range of separatist movements and insurgencies in the world. Regional maps identify general areas occupied by members of the separatist movements. Includes illustrations and maps, cross-references, chronology, bibliography, and index. 
REF: HM716.H48 2000

Encyclopedia of Nationalism (2 Volumes)
Provides an overview of the meaning, characteristics and development of nationalism. In addition to theories and nationalist subject, it also includes important people and major scholars.
REF: JC311.E499 2001

Encyclopedia of Political Anarchy
Provides background information on political anarchy worldwide during the past three hundred years. It includes information on the major figures, groups and organizations, events, strikes. Law and legal cases, and theories that played a role in the development of the anarchist movement. Also includes cross-references, a bibliography and an appendix - Internet Anarchism.
REF: HX830.G39 1999

Encyclopedia of Political Communication (2 Volumes)
“The Encyclopedia of Political Communication discusses the major theoretical approaches to the field, including direct and limited effects theories, agenda-setting theories, sociological theories, framing and priming theories, and other past and present conceptualizations.” (Publisher) Attention is given to important political messages such as political speeches, televised political advertising, political posters and print advertising, televised political debates, and Internet sites. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: JA85.E64 2008

Encyclopedia of Political Economy (2 Volumes)
This authoritative work “is the first fully refereed A-Z compendium of the main concepts, problems, institutions, schools and policies associated with political economy.” (Publisher) It contains over 450 entries written by 230 international contributors on topics such as family and gender, history of political economy, Marxist political economy, social political economy, state and policy. Entries include cross-references and selected references. An index is included. 
REF: HB61.E554 2005

Encyclopedia of Political Revolutions
Provides approximately three hundred (300) alphabetically arranged essays, with a short bibliography, on broad concepts relevant to political revolutions, revolutionary leaders, and events of the past 500 years. The entries cover political events, key political concepts, biographies of key players, and timeline of revolutionary events by continent. Maps and photographs are included.
REF: JC491.E63 1998

Encyclopedia of Political Thought
Provides information on the major ideas, concepts, people, and movements in the world’s political history. A chronology of the evolutions of political thinking is included. Entries include: Abolitionism; Abortion; Anarchism; Sir Francis Bacon; Capital Punishment; Communism; Democracy; Dictatorship; Euthanasia; Fascism; Holocaust; Martin Luther King Jr.; Vladimir Lenin; Frederick Nietzsche; Voltaire, and Zionism.
REF: JA61.E52 2001

Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion (2nd edition) (2 Volumes)
“The Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion traces the roots of the relationship between politics and religion from antiquity to today, revealing how it has shaped public discourse, social attitudes, collective action and national and international policy, particularly during the past two centuries.” (Publisher) There are 281 objective essays written by international experts. Coverage includes significant individuals, institutions, events, themes and religious movements. The Appendix in Volume 2 includes Documents on Politics and Religion and Reference Materials (Religious Affiliation in Countries and Regions of the World, mid-2005; Constitutions of the World (excerpts on provision on religion or religious practice), Politics and Religion on the Internet, Glossary.
REF: BL65.P7E53 2007

Encyclopedia of Politics: The Left and the Right (2 Volumes)
This two-volume encyclopedia contains over 450 articles on individuals, movements, political parties, and ideological principles of the political left and right worldwide. Volume 1 covers the politics of the left; Volume 2 covers the politics of the right. Also includes a Reader’s Guide, Timeline of Politics, and an Index. Many entries include see also references and a bibliography. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: JA61.E54 2005

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (2 Volumes & Supplement)
Provides an alphabetical list of over 4000 short articles on the theoretical and practical aspects of public administration. These articles provide an understanding of government and its policies and all levels of the United States government. Appendices include the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Bill of Rights and other amendments to the Constitution. Short references are included at the end of each entry. Includes an extensive and detailed index.
REF: JK9.E526 2003

Encyclopedia of Revolutions and Revolutionaries: From Anarchism to Zhou Enlai
Provides about 1300 articles on the major revolutions in history. Includes information on the people, organizations, and ideologies that provided the impetus for them.
REF: D21.3.E53 1996

Encyclopedia of Terrorism
This major scholarly work contains over 300 articles on the biographical, historical, and geographical aspects of terrorism. Individual figures, groups, and incidents are discussed in detail. Excellent coverage is provided on the events relating to September11, Saddam Hassam and Al-Queda. A number of Appendices are included: Appendix A: Locations of Terrorist Activities (with a map for each continent); Appendix B: Web Sites; Chronology;  Bibliography. There is also an index. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: HV6431.K883 2003

Encyclopedia of the American Left (2nd edition)
Provides signed articles on political parties, organizations and issues from about 1870 to the mid-1980s. Also provides indexes of names and subjects.
REF: HX86.E58 1998

The Encyclopedia of the Cold War: A Political, Social, and Military History (5 Volumes)
“A comprehensive five-volume reference on the defining conflict of the second half of the 20th century, covering all aspects of the Cold War as it influenced events around the world.” (ABC-CLIO) Almost 1300 entries discuss the political, diplomatic, military, social, economic, and cultural aspects of the Cold War. Entries are written by over 200 internationally recognized contributors. Three essays outline the origin and the course of the Cold War. Over 175 original documents are included. Indexes are both alphabetically and categorically organized, covering people, places, events, weapon systems etc.
REF: D840.E63 2008

Encyclopedia of the European Union
Provides information on the key concepts, developments, institutions, policies, negotiations, treaties, people, etc. of the European Union. 
REF: JN30.E52 2000

Encyclopedia of the Third World (4th edition) (3 Volumes)
Arranged by country, this three volume work provides descriptions of the major political, economic, and social systems of one hundred and twenty-two countries. It describes the major international organizations concerned with Third World countries. It also includes: a list of rulers for most of the older countries; sections on freedom and human rights; official publications; indicators on population and foreign trade; and bibliographies for each state.
REF: HC59.7.K87 1992

Encyclopedia of the United Nations
Provides “a comprehensive guide to the world body’s institutions, procedures, policies, specialized agencies, historic personalities, initiatives, and involvement in world affairs.” Appendices include: Charter of the United Nations; Universal Declaration of Human Rights; United Nations Member States; Secretaries-General of the United Nations and Important United Nations Resolutions; List of Conventions , Declarations, and other Instruments contained in the General Assembly Resolutions; United Nations Chronology, and Important UN Websites. A selected bibliography and Index is included.
REF: KZ4968.M66 2002

Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements (3rd edition) (4 Volumes)
The focus of the third edition of this work is on the United Nations and the United Nations system. The alphabetically arranged entries cover the topics, places, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and intergovernmental organizations, treaties, agreements, declarations, and conventions. Most entries include a list of sources and references. Texts of major human rights instruments, conventions against terrorism, treaties and governments governing activities in space, Charter of the United Nations and Charters or statutes of specialized agencies in the United Nations system are included. A List of Articles, Chart: United Nations System, an Index, and extensive cross-references are included.
REF: KZ4968.O84 2002

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Conflict and Conflict Resolution, 1945-1996
Provides an encyclopedic review of the period from 1945-1996, including some background information on events leading to this period. 
REF: D842.J47 1998

European Political Facts of the Twentieth Century (5th edition)
Provides background information on European politics in the twentieth century. Topics covered include: International Organizations; Heads of State; Parliaments; Ministers; Elections; Political Parties; Justice; Defence and Treaties; Dependencies; Population; and New Countries. Includes a Glossary of Terms and an Index.
REF: JN12.C643 2001

Facts on File Encyclopedia of the 20th Century
Provides over 8,000 brief, alphabetically arranged entries on people, places, events, and ideas important during the 20th century. Includes portraits and maps. Also includes numerous internal and external cross-references and an index. Current as of early 1991.
REF: D419.F33 1991

Financial Times World Desk Reference (6th edition)
Provides brief profiles of 193 countries of the world. Includes information on economics, tourism, world ranking, aid, health, defense, climate, politics, spending, resources, media, world affairs, population, and education. Part 1, The World Fact File, includes The Physical World, The Political World, The Continents, World Economy, World Population, Solar System, Climate, Environment, Ages, Time Zones, Chronology of World History, and International Organizations. Part 2, The Nations of the World, includes an A-Z Survey and Factfile of the World’s Nations, and Overseas Dependencies and Territories. Part 3 includes Glossaries - Geographic terms, Glossary of abbreviations and acknowledgments and picture credits. Also includes Sources of Statistical Data Used in This Book and color maps and charts.
REF: G63.F55 2004

Global Development: A Reference Handbook
Provides an overview of global development. Covers the following topics: development economics; environment; hunger; international debt; population growth; and the role of women. Also includes a chronology of global development; factual and statistical information by topic; biographical information; lists of government and private organizations; and selected resources. Includes a glossary and subject/title index.
REF: HC59.7.S283 1995

Globalization: Encyclopedia of Trade Labor and Politics (2 Volumes)
This encyclopedia contains over 100 articles from international specialists on issues of globalization as seen from an economic, international business, political, legal, and environmental perspective. Entries are arranged into four sections – Part One: Trade and Investment Issues; Part Two: Major Business and Economic Sectors; Part Three: International Blocs and Organizations; Part Four: Other Issues. Also includes a Bibliography, Index and Contributors. 
REF: HF1359.G5854 2006

Glossary of Political Economy Terms
This is the online edition of "A Glossary of Political Economy Terms" by Dr. Paul M. Johnson of Auburn University. All the content was written by Dr. Johnson and is updated periodically.

A Glossary of Political Theory
This is an alphabetical guide to major concepts in political theory and information on the key writers in the field. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: JA65.H64 2007

Glossary of Terms for IR
Provides definitions for the language of International Relations.

Governments of the World: A Student Companion (3 Volumes)
Provides a comprehensive guide to the politics of every country. Information includes: a history and explanation of the events and issues; political leaders; systems of government; political movements; and international organizations.
REF: JF127.P56 1998

Great Debates at the United Nations: An Encyclopedia of Fifty Key Issues 1945-2000
Provides information on the 50 most significant issues debated in the United Nations. Chronological entries include: “the significance of the issue, the historical, social, and economic background, the history of the United Nations debate and intervention on the issue and the positions of various nations; and the outcome of each debate.” A Timeline of Important Events, Acronyms, Appendices, Glossary, Bibliographic Essay, and Index are included.
REF: KZ4968.G67 2001

Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations (4 Volumes)
Over 6,000 alphabetically arranged entries accompanied by 29 maps make this single-authored set the definitive desktop reference work on international relations and international history. The book's he primary focus is upon the rise of the Great Powers and the course of world civilizations, their formative wars and diplomatic, political and economic relations. But a serious effort is made to cover all of the smaller and less powerful regions and their local history, along with how progressive inclusion into the modern state system affected them.” (Publisher) A select bibliography and an index are available in Volume 4.
REF: JZ1160 .N65 2002

Guide to Congress (6th edition) (2 Volumes)
This two-volume reference to the United States Congress offers 35 chapters organized into eight subject areas: Origins and Development of Congress; Powers of Congress; Congressional Procedures; Pressures on Congress: Housing and Support; Pay and Perquisites; Congress and the Electorate; and Qualifications and Conduct. Volume 2 contains a selected bibliography and an appendix containing reference materials such as: Constitution of the United States; Glossary of Congressional Terms; House Floor leaders; Senate Floor Leaders; and Members of Congress, 1789-2007.
REF: JK1021.C565 2008

Guide to the Presidency (4th edition) (2 Volumes)
Volume 1 discusses the origins and development of the presidency; selection and removal of the President; powers of the Presidency; the President, the public, and the parties. Volume 2 discusses the Presidency and the Executive Branch; Chief Executive and Federal Government; Presidents, their families, and life in the White House and beyond ; and biographies of the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and First Ladies. Also includes reference material consisting of documents and texts.
REF: JK516.G83 2008

Handbook of Federal Countries, 2002
Provides articles on twenty-one countries that classify themselves as federations and an additional four states whose systems incorporate significant elements of federalism. Part One contains Country Articles; Part Two contains Comparative Articles. A bibliography is included. Each Country article includes two tables: Political and Geographic Indicators and Economic and Social Indicators. Handbook of Federal Countries, 2005 is available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: JC355.H35 2002

Handbook of National Legislatures: A Global Survey
“This book assesses the strength of the national legislature of every country in the world with a population of at least a half-million inhabitants. The Legislative Powers Survey (LPS), is a list of 32 items that gauges the legislature’s sway over the executive, its institutional autonomy, its authority in specific areas, and its institutional capacity. Data were generated by means of a vast international survey of experts, extensive study of secondary sources, and painstaking analysis of constitutions and other relevant documents. Individual country chapters provide answers to each of the 32 survey items, supplemented by expert commentary and relevant excerpts from constitutions.” (Publisher)
REF: JF511.F57 2009

How Government Works: Selections from the Encyclopedia of the United States Congress, the Encyclopedia of the American Presidency, the Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System
Provides an introduction to the three branches of the United States Government. It is divided into three sections: Part One: Legislative Branch; Part Two: Executive Branch; and Part Three: Judicial Branch. Selections are from The Encyclopedia of the United States Congress, The Encyclopedia of the American Presidency, and Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System.
REF: JK271.H74 1999

How to Track Politics on the Internet
Provides a description of "more than 600 of the best political Web sites, electronic mailing lists and Usenet news-groups." Chapters are arranged alphabetically by Subject-Directories and Search Engines: Government; International Organizations; Political Candidates; Political Issues; Political News; Political Opinion; Political Parties and Organizations; and Voting and Elections. An index is included. The author has indicated sites that he believes deserves special merit.
REF: JK1764.M39 2000

Hutchinson Dictionary of Ideas
Provides entries for major thinkers and important figures, together with information on the beliefs, concepts, institutions, movements, and theories that they engendered. Hutchinson Dictionary of Ideas, 2005 Online is available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: B105.I28H872 1994

Illustrated Dictionary of Constitutional Concepts
Provides definitions of terms that form the language of constitutions. Provides biographical information on significant thinkers and historical figures.
REF: JA61.M28 1996

International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics
Provides in-depth worldwide coverage of environmental politics. Over five hundred alphabetically arranged entries written by international experts include and in depth coverage of the central topics and issued in environmental politics; country and regional entries; analysis of the normative and ethical dimensions of environmental politics; coverage of the major environmental movements, organizations, struggles from the local to the international level; examination of key issues in international environmental politics; up-to-date information on prominent individuals (both historical and contemporary) who inspired or are actively involved in international politics. Includes and index and a list of entries by major themes.
REF: GE170.I55 2001

International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (26 Volumes)
Provides a scholarly overview of the social and behavioral sciences. Articles provide concise overviews of the ideas, concepts, theories and principles within the social and behavioral sciences. Each article includes a bibliography of scholarly articles, essays, and occasionally books. There are biographical articles on major theorists and practitioners.
REF: H41.I58 2001

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (19 Volumes)
Provides articles written by experts covering all aspects of the social sciences including political studies topics. Each article contains a useful bibliography. There are also a number of biographical articles on significant people in the social sciences. A highly recommended research tool that is useful as a starting point for research.
REF: H40.A2I5

International Law: A Dictionary
Provides definitions and an overview of the terms in international law. The dictionary if organized into nine chapters each covering a broad subject area. The 373 entries are arranged alphabetically under these broad subject heading and includes numerous cross-references and references to primary sources, mostly treaties and court cases. Includes a List of Acronyms and Abbreviations, A Glossary (of Latin Phrases), A Chronology, a Table of Cases and A List of Entries (equivalent to a Table of Contents) and a Bibliography.
REF: KZ1161.B63 2005

International Relations: A Political Dictionary (5th edition)
Provides entries arranged alphabetically under broad subject divisions. Includes an index to specific terms and cross references.
REF: JX1226.P55 1995

Language of Canadian Politics: A Guide to Important Terms and Concepts (3rd edition)
Provides an introduction to Canadian politics in approximately 500 cross-referenced entries that clearly discuss the institutions, concepts, public policies, events, and laws associated with politics in Canada. A Table of Contents, Select Bibliography, and Select Internet Sites are included. The 4th edition, 2006, is available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: JA61.M33 2001

MacMillan Dictionary of Political Quotations
Provides over 12,000 quotations arranged by topic, and within each topic, alphabetically by author. Author index included.
REF: PN6084.P6E54 1993

Nations of the World: A Political, Economic & Business Handbook
This Handbook profiles 231 nations and self-governing territories. Alphabetically arranged by country, each profile includes a Country Overview, a Map, Key Facts, Key Indicators, Risk Assessment, Country Profile and Business Directory. Following the country profiles are Regional Worldwide Overviews: Africa; the Americas; Asia and the Pacific; Europe; and the Middle East. These overviews include Key Indicators, Currencies, and a Map of the region. The final section is a Global Overview.
REF: HC54.N37 2010

Nations Without States: A Historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements
Contains over 200 national surveys, short articles, highlighting the historical, political, social and economic evolution of the many stateless nations that are now emerging to claim a role in the post-Cold War order.
REF: D860.M56 1996

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas (6 Volumes)
“Each volume opens with a "Reader's Guide" that provides a general outline of the articles in the set, divided into four main sections: "Communication of Ideas," "Geographical Areas," "Chronological Periods," and "Liberal Arts Disciplines and Professions." The detailed "Reader's Guide" is a good companion to the index, which occupies more than 200 pages of volume 6. Main entries in the set are often divided by separately authored subentries… Articles conclude with up-to-date bibliographies (often divided into primary and secondary sources) and see also references.” (Booklist)
REF: CB9.N49 2005

Oxford Companion to Politics of the World (2nd edition)
Provides a comprehensive guide to international relations and national domestic politics of the world, including lengthy signed articles on people, places, and concepts, many include bibliographies. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: JA61.O95 2001

Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century British Politics
Provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to British political life during the past 100 years. Over 3000 alphabetically arranged entries cover the important ideas, institutions, people and events that have defined modern British politics. Appendix 1 provides a listing of ministries from 1895-2001. Appendix 2 provides a listing of office holders. Appendix 3 provides a listing of general election results from 1895-2001. A Classified Contents List and bibliographies at the end of longer entries are included.
REF: DA56.7.O88 2002

Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions
This guide contains an alphabetical list of more than 400 of the Supreme Court’s most significant and consequential decisions. Cross-references are provided to other cases. “Each case included as an entry opens with standard information. After the name of the case, readers will find the official United States Reports citation…” In addition to the Supreme Court Decisions, the book also includes a Glossary of terms, a Case Index, and a Topical Index and two appendices. The Case Index includes, not only the cases included as entries in the Guide, but those cases mentioned anywhere in the Guide. The Topical index directs readers to concepts, persons, places and institutions in the text. Appendix One contains The Constitution of the United States. Appendix Two contains Nominations and Successions of the Justices; Supreme Court Nominations, 1789-2006; Appointments by Presidential Term; Chronology of the Justices Succession; and Succession of the Justices. Further Reading is provided. This title is also available as an e-book to the University community.
REF: KF4548.5.O97 2009

Penguin Dictionary of International Relations
Provides definitions that reflect the changes that have taken place in the area of international relations as a result of the events that happened in Eastern Europe in late 1989.
REF: JZ1161.E94 1998

Political and Economic Dictionary of Eastern Europe
Provides a comprehensive guide to the economics and politics of Eastern Europe. Over 1000 entries cover the countries, regions, ethnic groups, political parties, prime ministers, presidents, business organizations, geographical features, religions, and border disputes. Includes separate articles on each country and its economy, cross-references, detailed contact information an organizations and geographical and personal name indexes.
REF: HC244.P66 2002

Political and Historical Encyclopedia of Women
Provides a history of the political involvement of women in Western society. The forty authoritative in-depth articles, written by international scholars, examine women’s activities in areas such as voting, emancipation, equality, democracy, and war. Each article concludes with a brief bibliography. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: HQ1236.5.E85E52 2003

Political Corruption in America: An Encyclopedia of Scandals, Power, and Greed (2nd edition) (2 Volumes)
This work contains approximately 300 articles detailing the history of political corruption in the United States. The entries include 288 biographies, explanations important court cases, pieces of legislation, and terms. Many entries include cross-references and references. Primary Documents, Chronology, Bibliography, and Index are included in the second volume. 
REF: JK2249.G767 2008

Political Dictionary of Israel
Provides comprehensive alphabetically arranged entries on the people, institutions, organizations, historical events, places and documents “that define the political life of the Jewish State”. Also includes a chronology of political events from the establishment of the state to early 2000.
REF: DS126.5.R385 2000

Political History of America’s Wars
“Political History of America’s Wars is the first reference work to explore the legislative, social, and policy aspects of America’s major wars, rebellions, and insurrections. This new volume weaves together important primary source documents, informative biographies, and in-depth essays to provide coverage of the political antecedents, events, and consequences of America’s wars, from the American Revolution to Operation Iraqi Freedom.” (Publisher)
“The book is divided into 48 concise chapters covering every major period in American military history. The typical chapter includes a brief summary of the period; discussions of the major conflicts, events, and related American policies; a chronology; biographical sketches of two or three key historical figures; excerpts from relevant primary documents; illustrations; photographs; and a brief bibliography. The chapters are arranged chronologically and include transitional chapters that aid in explaining periods between military actions.” (Choice)
REF: E181.A945 2007

Political Reference Almanac
Provides facts and information about politics and governments, both in the United States and throughout the world. It includes: biographical profiles of United States government officials; detailed descriptions of United States federal agencies; detailed information on the United States federal budget and the budgets of the fifty state governments; government profiles of 192 nations and their territories; worldwide government contact information; historical information; political documents; famous speeches; and a calender of events. Includes an index.
REF: JK6.P65 1999-2000

The Presidency A to Z (4th edition)
Provides an overview of major topics related to the presidency. Also, provides brief biographies of all presidents and vice-presidents and statistical information.
REF: JK511.P775 2008

Public Opinion and Polling Around the World: a Historical Encyclopedia (2 Volumes)
Provides a review of the history of polling from colonial America to its role in emerging democracies. Part 1 - The Role of Public Opinion in Democracy - examines the role of public opinion in a democratic society; Section One - Measuring Public Opinion and Section Two - Shaping Public Opinion. Part 2 - Public Opinion in the United States - Section One: History; Section Two: Issues; Section Three: Key People, Institutions. Volume 2 covers the international arena including Canada. Includes A-Z entries on the United States elections, history, political parties, interest groups, the role of the media and biographies of key pollsters and opinion leaders. Also includes illustrative material including 175 tables and figures; an appendix containing National Elections Studies 2002 Post-Election Survey Questionnaire; Print and Nonprint Resources; an Index; and a List of Contributors. 
REF: HM1236.P83 2004

Routledge Dictionary of Politics (3rd edition)
Provides an authoritative up-to-date guide to politics, its terminologies, ideologies and institutions. Over 500 extensive definitions provide and understanding of the basics of political thought and theory, complex ideologies and dogmas, specialized and technical terms, and emerging ideas and terminologies. 
REF: JA61.R63 2004

Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy (3 Volumes)
Provides a comprehensive reference to the field of international political economy. The alphabetically arranged entries cover empirical and theoretical issues, concepts and theories, institutions, and people. Each entry includes a bibliography.
REF: HF1359.R68 2001

Safire’s Political Dictionary
This dictionary contains an A-Z listing of terms, phrases, and neologisms associated with politics. Entries range from a few paragraphs to several pages with frequent cross-references. It includes an index arranged alphabetically by last names of people together with a listing of particular political jargon that is associated with them.
REF: JK9.S2 2008

Slavery in the United States; A Social, Political, and Historical Encyclopedia (2 Volumes)
“This two-volume set focuses solely on slavery in the United States, incorporating ten contextual essays, roughly 300 encyclopedia entries, an extensive chronology, and nearly 200 pages of primary documents. The well-written contextual essays provide an excellent introduction to the subject of American slavery.” (Choice) Entries are written by over 100 distinguished international scholars. The extensive bibliography provides a listing of the best works for further study. Also includes an index. 
REF: E441.S635 2007

The Supreme Court A to Z (2nd edition)
Provides information about the Supreme Court, important legal decisions, famous cases, and biographies of all the Justices.
REF: KF8742.A35S8 1998

The Territories of the Russian Federation
Provides authoritative, current geographical, political, and economic information on each of the eighty-nine constituent units of the Federation. Part One provides background information on the Federation, including statistics on major demographic and economic indicators and details of the government. A Chronology of Russia is included. Part Two consists of territorial surveys for each of the 89 federal units. Part Three includes a bibliography. Part Four lists the Territories alphabetically by federal district and by economic area.
REF: JN6699.A88T47 2003

Twentieth-Century British Political Facts, 1900-2000 (8th edition)
Provides a factual history of British politics from 1900-2000. Topics covered include: Ministries; Parties; Parliament; Elections; Political Allusions; Civil Service; Royal Commissions; Committees of Inquiry and Tribunals; Justice and Law Enforcement; Social Conditions; Employment and Trade Unions; Economy; The Public Sector; Royalty; British Isles; Local Government; The Commonwealth; International Relations; Britain and Europe; Armed Forces; The Press; Broadcasting Authorities; and Religion. Index is included.
REF: JN231.B8 2000

United States Presidential Primary Elections, 1968-1996: A Handbook of Election Statistics
Provides official county-by-county results for all Democratic and Republican presidential primary elections from 1968-1996. Includes a brief overview on the presidential primary process and trends.
REF: JK522.C66 2000

World Directory of Minorities
Provides coverage for the majority of the larger minorities of the world. It is divided according to region: North America; South and Central America; Western Europe and Scandinavia; Eastern Europe; USSR; Middle East and North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa; East Asia; South-East Asia and Oceania. References are provided for each area.
REF: JC311.W67 1989

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations (10th edition) (6 Volumes)
Provides information on the United Nations and the countries of the world arranged by region. Volume 1 - United Nations; Volume 2 - Africa; Volume 3 - America; Volume 4 - Asia and Oceania; Volume 5 - Europe; Volume 6 - World Leaders. Volume 1 provides an overview of the UN system including its structure and constituent parts as well as UN related agencies. Volumes 2 - 5 provide an overview of each country including sections on history, government, political parties, local government, judicial systems, armed forces, and economy. Volume 6 provides "biographical profiles of the person who is the head of the nation's government and who has primary responsibility for the country's policy". Also includes a bibliography.
REF: G63.W67 2001

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