Finding Information About Political Parties/Movements: Political Science

Information about political parties and political movements can be located in books and journal articles. A number of political parties will also have a website.

Canadian Party Platforms 1867-1968 Provides a compilation of the platforms and policy statements issued by Canadian political parties or their leaders for federal elections from 1867-1968. Also includes a breakdown of the election results for each province.
REF: JL195.C3 1968b

Directory of European Union Political Parties
Provides information on the more than 140 political parties that hold seats in the national parliaments of the 15 Member States and/or the European Parliament. Each section includes an introduction that provides the political and constitutional context, the results of the last two general elections, and the state financial support to financial parties. Also provides information on several hundred active parties in the European Union, many of which are involved in local and regional councils. Includes an appendix - European Parliament Party Groups and an Index of Parties and Names.
REF: JN50.D39 2000

The Encyclopedia of Third Parties in America (3 Volumes)
Provides a history of all major and minor third political parties and independent candidacies from the early American Republic to the present. Part One: Third Parties in History - overview articles on the history of third parties arranged by time periods. Part Two - Third Party Maps - 40 colour maps illustrate the geography of third parties in America. Part Three - American Third Parties - provides detailed information on more than 115 parties. Part Four - Biographies - provides biographies of the important figures and the candidates. Includes a Glossary; Bibliography; Subject Index; Biographical Index; and a Geographical Index.
REF: JK2261.E474 2000

Legal Systems of the World: A Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia (4 Volumes)
Provides information on the structure, operation, and history of the legal and judicial systems in every country of the world, every province in Canada, and every state in the United States, transnational systems (World Trade Organization), and general systems (Islamic and Roman Law to the Soviet System). An international team of over 350 legal scholars contributed nearly 400 alphabetically arranged entries. Each country profile includes: general information, history, culture, government, legal structure and how well the system functions. Includes a bibliography, glossary, index, maps, and 275 legal diagrams.
REF. K48.L44 2002

Political Parties of the Americas, 1980s to 1990s: Canada, Latin America and the West Indies
This volume "concentrates on new developments in the political parties of the Americas since 1980, presents fresh background data, and refers to related material in the Alexander work where appropriate."
REF: JL195.P63 1992 Alexander work - REF: JL195.P64 1982

Political Parties of the World (5th edition)
Provides information on more than 2,550 political parties and 230 national political systems. Arranged alphabetically by country, each entry includes an overview of the parliamentary system and resent elections results. Information on each major party includes a history of the party, its electoral performance, leadership and goals .Information on minor parties is less detailed. Appendices list International Party Organizations and European Parliament Party Groups. There is an Index of Personal Names and an Index of Party Names.
REF: JF2051.D39 2002

Political Systems of the World (2nd edition)
Provides a comparison of different political systems of 192 sovereign nations throughout the world. It is divided into three sections: 1) comparative studies of political institutions; 2) brief description of political systems; 3) colonies and international organizations.
REF: JF51.D467 1996

World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties (4th edition) (3 Volumes)
This work provides comprehensive coverage of governments and political parties of nations throughout the world. Each signed entry examines the system of government; power and responsibilities of various government branches; the electoral system; the party system; minor political parties; other political forces; and national prospects. Entries for political parties include summaries of history, policy, and political funding. Each entry also includes a bibliography of further reading on the political systems and parties, as well as some Web sites.
REF: JF2011.W67 2006

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