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The Federal Government of Canada is the main source of statistical data relating to Canada and the lives of Canadian people. Within the Federal Government, Statistics Canada publishes a wide range of statistics on the economic and social aspects of Canada. Information is published daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and irregularly depending on the particular publication. While the Robertson Library has a Government Documents area on the main floor of the Library, arranged by Statistics Canada numbers, many publications are available freely to all Canadians on the Internet.

By participating in the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI), the UPEI community has access to a range of databases which would be helpful in locating statistical information.

Bank of Canada Financial Rates & Statistics
The website includes exchange rates, interest rates, price indexes, monetary policy indicators, and other related information such as S&P/TSX composite index and an inflation calculator. A useful feature is the Weekly Financial Statistics.

Canada Revenue Agency Income Statistics and GST/HST Statistics
Includes information such as tax statistics based on geographical area and statistics based on all returns filed for a given year. 

Canada Year Book (former title: Statistical Year-Book of Canada) (1872-2011)
Compilation of basic statistics and news on the social and economic life of Canada. Canada Year Book is available online from 2007-2012. Canada Year Book Historical Collection, 1867-1967 is also available online. Publication has been discontinued as of April 2013.
REF: HA744.S81 2011;  Stacks: HA744.S81 1905-2010

Canadian Economic Observer
A monthly summary of economic indicators and statistics with quarterly or monthly figures. Includes seasonally adjusted major indicators and charts, as well as articles on general economic conditions and special subjects. Articles from v. 16, no.1 (January 2003)-v. 25, no. 6 (June 2012) are available online, while selected articles 1998-2012 are available to the UPEI community through CBCA Complete. Publication discontinued June 2012.
Government Documents: CS11-010

CANSIM - Canadian Socio Economic Information (via CHASS)
An interactive tool to learn about society and the economy in Canada. The database includes over 70 million time series. The database can be browsed by subject, survey, or searched using keywords. 

Economic Insights
"Articles in the Economic Insights series highlight issues related to the growth and development of Canada's economy. In some cases, these articles synthesize the results of previous research carried out by Statistics Canada; in others, they provide contextual information that accompanies the release of new data. The Economic Insights series features concise examinations of economic events, trends, and important structural changes in the economy."

FP Markets: Canadian Demographics (former title: Canadian Markets)
This resource presents statistical profiles of municipalities across Canada. Information includes demographic data, income figures, and media statistics. Forecasts of key economic indicators can also be found. Most recent edition is available in the Reference area of the library, while older editions are in storage and can be requested at the Circulation Desk. 
REF: HC111.B82 2012

Finance Canada
This Department of the Federal Government develops policy and provides advice to the government to help create and maintain a healthy economy. Current news, reports, and publications are easily identifiable and accessible through the website. Data provided includes economic and fiscal information, budget and transfer payments to provinces.

Historical Statistics of Canada
Presents textual and historical tables profiling Canada’s Development from 1867-1975. The statistics included are derived from a wide range of resources, and include social, economic, and political time series of 22 topics represented in over 1,088 tables. An online version is also available.
REF: HA746.U7 1983

Industry Canada - Just for Businesses
Economic and market research statistics regarding all facets of industry in Canada including bankruptcy statistics, industry statistics, and economic analysis and statistics. The site includes both current and historical economic data and statistical analysis on economic activities in Canada.

InfoPEI Statistics
Published by the Government of Prince Edward Island, information can be found regarding economic indicators, demographic statistics, and census data from both provincial and federal sources. 

Market Research Handbook
Annual compilation from Statistics Canada designed to be a comprehensive source of socio-economic statistics for all those who study the Canadian consumer market. Presented are profiles of key industries, as well as consumers in all provinces and 45 major cities. Also available on the Web from 2001-2005, 2006, and 2008. Discontinued after the 2008 edition.
REF: HC111.A19 2008

Prince Edward Island Statistics: Past and Present
Prepared by the Economics, Statistics and Fiscal Analysis division of the Department of Finance, this resource provides a compilation of statistical information on the people, economy, and government of Prince Edward Island. Published in 1990, this resource has more merit historically, than for current statistical analysis. 
REF: HA747.P7P69

Prince Edward Island Statistical Review
Produced annually, this report by the Provincial Government provides comprehensive statistical data on the social and economic climate of Prince Edward Island. Latest edition also available online.
Special Collections: HA747.P75P7

Public Accounts of Canada
Prepared annually by the Receiver General, data includes detailed records maintained by Government departments and agencies, which include the annual audited financial statements of the Government of Canada. The Public Accounts of Canada for previous years, starting with 1995, are available online. 


Finding Statistics: United States

Like Canada, many resources for statistical information come directly from the government, from various departments and agencies. Below you’ll find a list of the most pertinent and accessible resources for finding statistical information about the United States.

Business Statistics of the United States
Ideal reference source for any reader searching for information about the U.S. economy. Data presented is great for analysis of economic trends and patterns. The 8th -11th editions (2002-2006) are available as e-books to the UPEI community.
REF: HC101.A15 1999

Current Population Survey
The Bureau of the Census in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts a monthly survey of approximately 50,000 households in the U.S. The data is presented on this website as a primary source of data on the labor force in the U.S. Researchers can access both current and historical information on employment, earnings, hours of work, and other topics.

Datapedia of the United States 1790-2005: America Year by Year 
An ideal resource for historical statistics for the United States representing 23 difference subject areas between 1776-2000. For some topics projections are made until 2010. 
REF: HA202.K87 2001

Data and Statistics about the U.S.
Find data about the U.S., such as maps and population, demographic, and economic data.

Helps any researcher easily gain access to relevant State socio-economic data through a wide range of websites all arranged by subject or by provider. Economic Time Series Page
This resource provides links to key statistical data providers in the United States, and very few international resources. Easy to browse by source/provider or region, it is ideal for a researcher looking to access specific institutional data.

Historical Statistics of the United States, Earliest Times to the Present 
An authoritative source for quantitative indicators regarding social, political and economic aspects of the United States. The 5-volume set presents excellent bibliographic references and index to support further research.
REF: HA202.H57 2006 (V.1-5)

Statistical Abstract of the United States (1878-2004/2005)
The standard summary on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Selected data from 1878-2012 is also available online.  Ceased publication in 2011.
REF: HA202.A3 1998, 1999, 2004/5; Comp. St. HA202.A3 1878-1997

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
This is the principal agency for reporting labor market activity and changes in the economy. Users will find data on a range of topics such as price fluctuations.

United States Census Bureau
This government bureau is the leading source of data about people and the economy in the U.S. The data and information provided here is of the highest quality.

United States Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis
The economic accounts found on this website cover issues such as economic growth, regional development, and the U.S. position in the world economy. It is a user-friendly resource with interactive data tables.

FRASER - historical economics data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve

Finding Statistics: International

There is a wide range of resources from which to gather international statistical data. Some are from international organizations, some are from highly regarded institutions and publishers, and others represent more of a grassroots producer of international statistical data. In any case, there is no shortage of resources to access when looking for statistical data from an international scope.

Harvard's Atlas of Economic Complexity contains trade data for 250 countries and territories, classified into 20 categories of goods and 5 categories of services. Combined, this results in coverage of over 6000 products worldwide. The raw trade data on goods are derived from countries’ reporting to the United Nations Statistical Division (COMTRADE). The trade data on services are from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Direction of Trade Statistics database, via the World Development Indicators.

BBC Country Profiles
Instant guide to economic background of countries and territories around the world, including statistical information. Included are video and audio clips from the BBC archive.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
A great source for information on international trade and market research in other countries. Provides current, accurate foreign trade information from a Canadian perspective. Search by country, market, or keyword to find relevant information.

CIA World FactBook
Provides information regarding population, economy, and government for each country in the world. Maps and flags for each country can also be found along with country comparison tools.

Demographic Yearbook (United Nations) (1948-2009/10)
The United Nations collects, compiles, and disseminates international demographic statistics covering 230 countries or regions.Many of the annual volumes focus on a special topic, such as household composition, mortality, or international migration. Also available online from 1948-2017.
REF: HA17.D45

Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC)
This site offers an index of the vast number of statistical data providers on the Internet. Over 13,000 institutions/departments/centres and 231 countries are included. It is easily accessible as it is organized by country and field. Links are checked regularly.

Economist Country Briefings
Reports and profiles of over 60 countries include articles from The Economist, statistics, market and currency updates, news headlines, etc. Countries are found in the A-Z topic list found on the website covering a wide range of subjects. 

Europa World Year Book (1967-2007)
This resource offers a comprehensive source for accurate, reliable information from detailed country surveys with basic economic and trade data, as well as extensive essays. 
REF: JN1.E85 2007; Comp.St. REF. JN1.E85 1967-2003

FAO Statistical Yearbooks
Compiled by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, this site includes statistics on infrastructure, crop production, hunger risks, and sustainability around the world. 

IMF World Economic Outlook Database
Provides access to analysis and projection of economic developments around the globe, including a macroeconomic data series with economic and financial tables available since 1999 through until 2014.

International Data Base (IDB)
Compiled by the United States Census Bureau, information here covers demographic and socio-economic data for 227 countries, as well as various ways to search and compare different regions.

International Financial Statistics Yearbook
This resource contains detailed statistical data on all aspects of international and domestic finance.
HG3881.I6265 2001

International Historical Statistics: Europe 1750-2000
Provides a wealth of well-organized statistical information on topics like trade and agriculture for European countries, though most data is only as recent as 1998.
HA1107.M5 2003

Library of Congress Country Studies
Description and analysis of various systems and institutions around the world covering political, economic, and social conditions of 101 countries. Significant omissions are Canada, France, United Kingdom, and other Western and African nations. Prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. 

OECD Statistics
A great source of economic data that is easily searchable by topic or from an A-Z list. It also includes a glossary of statistical terms and definitions that is very helpful. 

"...  a leading provider of market and consumer data."

Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Provides links to main statistical website information providers for a wide range of countries that are listed from A-Z. 

Statistical Yearbook (United Nations) (1948-2011)
A compilation of international statistics on socio-economic conditions and activities globally including population, health, housing, education, and work, among other topics. Selected Social Indicators are available online.
REF: HA12.5.U63

WebEc--Economics Data
Descriptions and links to resources for economic data for general and regional areas. This site offers a wide range sources for economic statistical data. 

World Development Indicators
The World Bank’s primary statistical survey of world development including economic, social, and demographic data. The Country Data Tables and selected tables on labour, education, economics, and other topics are available online.
REF: HC59.7.W67 2004

World Population Projections
Population estimates and projections for 206 countries and regions as far as the year 2150. Though a bit dated this source covers from 1985-2003 and 1985-2150 on certain topics.
REF: HA154.W66 1994-95

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