Finding Background Information: Economics

When doing research on a topic, you will encounter unfamiliar terms, or familiar ones used in a specialized way. Dictionaries provide quick definitions and a small elaboration on the uses of the term. Encyclopedias provide background information on unfamiliar subjects, introducing you to key ideas and other sources that can be used while developing your topic. Many encyclopedic entries will include bibliographies that may lead you to further sources for your topic.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias covering economics topics include:

AmosWeb Economic Gloss*arama
Offers the ability to do a quick search or browse alphabetical listings of over 2,000 economic terms and concepts. Every term will include a “See Also” list of related terms.

Routledge dictionary of economics

Handbooks related to Economics

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
This online encyclopedia offers easy to read articles written by over 150 top economists. Also included are over 80 biographies of famous economists. The encyclopedia is easily searchable through a keyword search bar.

Dictionary of Financial, Economic, and Business Terms
From the Conference Board of Canada website, this resource contains over 100 entries.

Encyclopedic dictionary of international finance and banking

Economics A-Z
From The Economist website, Economics A-Z contains an alphabetical listing of economic terms. Adapted from Essential Economics, by Matthew Bishop.

Encyclopedia of Banking & Finance
An authoritative banking reference with over 4,200 entries. Additionally, information such as historical background, analysis of recent trends, illustrative examples, statistical data, and citations of laws and regulations are also included to enhance the overall content. American in scope.
REF: HG151.M8 1994

Encyclopedia of Business
Compiled by and advisory panel of expert academics and practitioners, this reference work covers over 700 business topics in two volumes. Internal business topics such as finance and marketing are included, along with external elements that affect business such as technology. Also useful are the General Index and the bibliographical references that are provided.
REF: HF1001.E466 1995

Encyclopedia of Keynesian Economics
A thorough introduction to the major concepts and leading contributors in the field of Keynesian economics. The entries are both informative and provocative. This encyclopedia is available in print with alphabetical entries. The 2nd. ed. (2013) is available as an e-book to the UPEI community
REF: HB99.7.E528 1997

Encyclopedia of Law & Economics
Includes over 5,000 pages of reviews of law and economics literature. Entries include summarizations, critical reflection and discussion. All entries are written by authorities in the field, and a comprehensive bibliographic database is available.

Encyclopedia of Political Economy
A comprehensive, fully refereed collection of the main concepts, problems, policies and institutions associated with political economy. It is an ideal tool for a non-specialist or a general audience looking for information on this topic. Cross-references and bibliographical information provides further reading. Also available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: HB61.E554 2001

Essential Economics
"Provides an understanding of economics that will help anyone in business, in politics and public service..." Contains an alphabetical listing of economic terms.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences
With over 4,000 entries, this 26-volume set is monumental in scope, and represents “the largest corpus of knowledge about the social and behavioral sciences in existence.” Entries are listed alphabetically and include useful resources such as a name index, classified list of entries, and a subject index. 
REF: H41.I58 2001

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
Although dated, this 19-volume encyclopedia reflects the development of the social sciences into the 1960’s with entries that will still resonate with readers.  
REF: H40.A2I5

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Factbook 2013

Provides a global overview of major economic, social and environmental indicators.

Online Glossary of Research Economics
A wide range of economic fields is covered in this glossary. Type “help” in the search box to retrieve the list of fields such as game theory, public finance, measure theory, etc. and the related terms.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History
This 5-volume reference source provides excellent interdisciplinary entries that cover all aspects of economic history. 
REF: HC15.O94 2003

The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy
A comprehensive reference tool dealing with contemporary economic issues such as international trade and economic development. An excellent resource for anyone who needs information about the global economy. Entries contain cross-references and suggested further reading for in-depth coverage.

Roberts' Dictionary of Industrial Relations
Provides explanations for terms and phrases used in the area of labour-management relations. Many entries include bibliographical references to provide further in-depth research for users. 
REF: HD4839.R612 1994

The SAGE encyclopedia of economics and society
"... emphasizes the contemporary world, contemporary issues, and society."

World Bank Open Knowledge Repository - Annual Reports and Independent Evaluations

Contains annual reports, financial statementsm and reviews from the World Bank and other external publishers.



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