Finding Web Resources: Economics

There is no shortage of Economics resources on the Internet, but it is important to recognize high quality, authoritative information from the less authoritative. Finding Quality Web Information will help you strategize your Internet searching, and give you guidance in selecting quality web resources and performing successful searches.

Websites maintained by professional organizations, government departments, or research agencies are often viewed to be very authoritative resources. For example, the American Economic Association and the Canadian Economics Association are two professional organizations that provide quality information.

Below you will find guides that will be excellent starting points for searching for Economics resources online. Specialized websites and resources are listed elsewhere in the Economics Subject Guide such as Background InformationStatistics, and People.

BEOnline Plus
Though the emphasis is on American information, there is some international coverage of business, economic, and related online resources selected by the Library of Congress. You can browse by title or subject.

International Monetary Fund
The IMF is an organization that works to foster global growth and economic stability. The IMF website provides information on research being conducted by the organization, data and statistics, as well as numerous financial and economic videos.

Provides international resources of high quality for academic users. Easily searchable, and sections can be browsed. A valuable tool is the virtual training suite that offers tips on efficient researching.

Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE)
This guide provides lists of over 2,000 Economic resources. All listings are annotated and updated regularly. The Table of Contents provides excellent organization of resources alongside a search bar. This is an excellent tool for an academic audience or practicing economists.

WebEc: World Wide Web Resources in Economics
Though this site has not been maintained since 2007, it provides a directory of Economics-related websites, with annotations. Easy to browse by topic, many links are still active.

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