Finding Information About People: Economics

Information about individuals can be found in books, journals, and websites. To find books, search the individual's name as a subject in the Library Catalogue (e.g., Keynes, John Maynard), or use subject headings such as Economists - Biography. It is important to note that many individuals will not have entire bibliographic works dedicated to them, so be sure to check Biographical Dictionaries which are compilations of biographical information on numerous individuals. Biographical dictionaries can range in the scope and detail of their entries, some will have long entries detailing an individual’s life, while others will simply list minimal information. Biographical dictionaries often also contain references that can be useful for finding further information on an individual.

The following are some biographical dictionaries which can be useful when searching for information about economists.

American Economic Association Electronic Directory of Members
Here you will find the Membership List which includes mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, and area of specialization. Easily searchable by name, alma mater, city, employer, etc.

Biographical Dictionary of American Economists
This two-volume work covers all major schools of American economic thought, and a wide variety of individuals are profiled, even minor figures.
REF: HB119.A3B56 2006

A Biographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists
Includes biographies of 20th century economists who have dissented from neo-classical economic tradition. This resource has 100 entries, each 6-10 pages in length, with a bibliography of major works.

A Biographical Dictionary of Women Economists
Includes 120 articles that detail the careers and contributions of women in the field from all over the world, and are arranged alphabetically.

Biography Index (1946-2007) 
Index to biographies of prominent individuals from every field. Biographies appear in articles in over 3,000 journals, as well as in books. Each issue includes an index by profession/occupation.
Indexes - Upper Level

Canadian Who's Who (1910-2010)
Though this source is not limited to economic biographies, it does include any Canadian who holds prominent positions or has made significant contributions to their respective fields.  Also available as e-books to the UPEI community.
REF: FC25.C38

Current Biography Yearbook (1940-2004)
Bound volumes of this monthly issued publication profiles a wide range of individuals from all nationalities, professions, and occupations who are popular in their fields. Each yearbook contains a classified list by profession/occupation.
REF: CT100.C8

Directory of Canadian Academic Economists and Economics Departments
This directory is searchable by surname and includes a list of all economics departments across Canada, including academic institutions and government departments. 

Distinguished Women Economists
Provides biographies of women economists who have made significant contributions to the creation, practice and application of Western economic thought. 
REF: HB76.C53 2003

Economic Thinkers : A Biographical Encyclopedia
"This book presents biographies of 200 economic thinkers throughout history, supplying a one-stop reference about the men and women whose ideas, writings, and philosophies created the foundation of our current understanding of economics. "

Fifty Major Economists 
Provides brief biographical entries on economists who have greatly influenced the field, from David Hume to Barbara R. Bergman.

Great Economists Since Keynes: An Introduction to the Lives & Works of One Hundred Modern Economists
Describes the careers and contributions of one hundred famous economists who have influenced modern economics. Entries are concise and a great introduction to some key economic figures.
REF: HB76.B55 1985

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
Although dated (the first 17 vols. were pub. in 1968), this encyclopedia contains lengthy, authoritative biographical essays on major economists. Vol. 18 (pub. in 1983), is a Biographical Supplement, providing information on 36 economists. The 2nd ed. (2008) is available as an e-book to the UPEI community.
REF: H40.A2I5

The Making of Modern Economics: The Lives and Ideas of the Great Thinkers 
Provides an introduction to the great economic thinkers from the past 225 years. Entries are extensively researched, well written, and include amusing and interesting details about the lives of the subjects.

Men and Ideas in Economics: A Dictionary of World Economists, Past and Present
Though dated, this resource provides key biographies of 700 of the most influential people at the forefront of economic thought.
REF: HB76.M3 1977

The Nobel Memorial Laureates in Economics: An Introduction to Their Careers and Main Published Works 
Provides information on key figures in economics and their groundbreaking work in the field for which they received the Nobel Prize from 1969-2004.

Who's Who in America (1899-2004)
An authoritative directory, not limited to economics, of America’s highest achievers, listed in alphabetical order, and with a Professional Index (check under “Social Science” for economists).
REF: E176.W642 - Upper Level

Who's Who in Canada (1914-2001)
An illustrated biographical resource with profiles of leading Canadians from all fields including government, academia, and business. An index at the back groups people by occupation.
REF: FC25.W62

Who's Who in Economics: A Biographical Dictionary of Major Economists, 1700-1981
An authoritative and concise guide to the most frequently cited economists. Includes indexes by field, country of residence, and country of birth (if outside the United States). 
REF: HB76.W46 1983

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