Finding Books: Economics

To find books or audiovisual materials on a particular topic, begin with a keyword search in the Library Catalogue. Enter your search terms. Browse the results for relevant titles and look at the assigned subject headings. These subject links can then be used to search for similar items.


A few examples of subject headings:

Subject Headings can also be subdivided for more specific topics, time period, or geographic region:

If unsure of what Subject Headings to use in your search, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings in the Reference area on the Main floor of the Library.

Books, other than those in Reference and Special Collections, are shelved according to Library of Congress Call Number on the Upper Level of the Library. 

See also the World Bank Open Knowledge Repository for books published by the World Bank.

Created by: Betty Jeffery, B.A., M.L.S.
Former Instruction & Education Services Librarian
Date Created: 14-May-2001
Date Revised: 15-September-2015