Data Liberation Initiative (DLI)

The Data Liberation Initiative provides UPEI students, faculty and staff access to numerous Statistics Canada public use microdata files, databases and geographic files for use in research and teaching.

The database NESSTAR provides a free search of the detailed metadata for the Statistics Canada DLI Public Use Microdata Files (PUMFs), as well as, the metadata for the Statistics Canada Master Files.  (The Master Files "data files" are available to authorized users only through the Research Data Centres). Current UPEI faculty, staff and students can contact the UPEI DLI representative Donald Moses for a login for Nesstar access to the data files of the DLI PUMFs. See the  PDF of the 2013 session on using Nesstar by David Price, Statistics Canada. Data may be downloaded in various formats for use in statistical packages, such as, SPSS, SAS or STATA.

DLI Beyond 20/20 Web Data Server (WDS)
The DLI's WDS is the web platform to access the aggregate data in the DLI Collection and uses a web-based multidimensional table viewer which allows for the dissemination of data over the web in a variety of formats.

UPEI is also a member of the Statistics Canada Atlantic Research Data Centre located in Halifax. Individual UPEI researchers can submit a proposal to the Centre to access data not otherwise available through the DLI or Statistics Canada for use in their research.

The DLI contact for UPEI:
Kim Mears
telephone: (902) 566-0453