Finding Web Resources: Psychology

For help in evaluating Web information and using search tools, see Find Quality Web Information.

Sites created by research agencies, government departments, and professional organizations, such as the American Psychological Association and the Canadian Psychological Association can be regarded as authoritative.

Starting points for locating Psychology information on the Web.'s Encyclopedia of Psychology
The compilers intend “to create a set of links that represent the best available sites organized in a manner that furthers the understanding of Psychology as a science”. The eight topic areas guide users to over 1,700 links. A search facility is also provided.

Mental Health & Psychology Resources Online (Psych Central)
An annotated directory of psychology and mental health resources on the Web for professionals and consumers.

Psych Web
Links to psychology-related information on the Web for academic audiences.

Social Psychology Network
Provides links to thousands of social psychology and psychology-related resources.

Updated: 06-September-2016