Psychology/DSJS 3030 - Psychology of Aging

Tips and Resources for the course, Psychology of Aging, Psychology 3030 / Diversity and Social Justice Studies 3030
updated for Winter 2020

Where to search:

  • PsycINFO  - if your topic is entirely within traditional psychology research and theory
  • OneSearch - if your topic is interdisciplinary with other fields such as health care, sociology, public policy, etc. Note that the nursing and allied health literature has considerable coverage of gerontological-related issues, not exclusively physical health
  • CBCA - for both scholarly and popular/news articles about and from Canada specifically

How to search for "aging" in those databases:

  • PsycINFO has a direct limiter for Aged (65+ years) - use this link to start a search in PsycINFO with that limiter already applied
  • OneSearch requires a more complex search logic because many different databases with different subject tags are combined in the search results. Using this link will insert the search below into the first search box, then add your other topic aspects to the second and other boxes:
    (SU aging OR SU aged OR SU elderly OR SU "older people" OR SU "older adults" OR SU "geriatric*" OR SU "gerontol*" OR TI elderly OR TI "older adults" OR TI "older people")
  • CBCA - similar to OneSearch but slightly different syntax:  (SU(aging OR aged OR elderly OR "older people" OR "older adults" OR geriatric OR gerontol* OR retirement) OR TI(elderly OR "older adults" OR "older people" OR seniors)) AND LOC(Canada)

Other useful places to search:

PEI-specific resources regarding seniors and aging: