Psychology 2420 Social Psychology

This page is designed to serve the assignment needs for Psychology 2420, Social Psychology, as of Winter 2018


Use the "Articles" tab on the home page, and put TI followed by your topic concept (in quotation marks if it is a phrase)
for example  TI "cognitive dissonance" (use this link to run this search then change this phrase to your own topic)

Then narrow the search using all of the following limiters on the left side of the results:

  • Full Text
  • Date range - last year or two at most
  • Peer Reviewed

The sample link above applies all of these limiters for you. If you don't get any results, widen the date range.

Some additional search tips, from the Jan 16, 2018 class:

  • Use the * to handle variant endings, like biolog* and aggressi*
  • Use the N# operator to keep two words close without being an exact phrase,
    like biolog* N5 aggressi*
  • If you have two words that mean the same for your purpose, separate them with OR,
    like   brain OR neur*
    Be sure to put this in one of the AND lines by itself, not mixed with your other search words
  • If the TI (title) results in too few results, try SU (subject tag), or no field restriction at all


The Films on Demand Academic Video series has many excellent high-quality videos relating to social psychology topics.

The phrase "social psychology" is an official category of videos. So here is a sample search you can do in that platform:

"social psychology" "cognitive dissonance"

Note the use of quotation marks around phrases. Replace "cognitive dissonance" with your topic word or phrase.

Other video collections you may want to search include:

NFB Campus - Canadian documentaries - CBC documentaries and news shows, commercial free

Kanopy - documentaries and some feature films

Other Useful Sources

Canadian Government Search Engine - find content on Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal websites

Eureka - local and regional newspapers, including the Charlottetown Guardian and Summerside Journal-Pioneer

LexisNexis Academic - national and international newspapers, wire services, and other media content transcripted into plain text