Finding Government Information: Canadian Politics

Government documents can be useful in researching many Business Administration topics. At the Robertson Library, some government documents are Catalogued; use the Library Catalogue to locate these. For those government documents which are not Catalogued, check Government Information for sites which may be useful in identifying relevant documents.

The following are examples of government publications which can be useful when researching Canadian Politics topics:

Canada Year Book (former title: Statistical Year-Book of Canada) (1872- )
Compilation of basic statistics and news on the social and economic life of Canada. Now issued every two years. Canada e-Book  is an electronic counterpart.
REF: HA744.S81


Canadian Economic Observer
A monthly summary of economic indicators and statistics with quarterly or monthly figures for the most recent two years. Includes seasonally adjusted major indicators and charts as well as articles on general economic conditions and special subjects. Selected articles 1998- available to UPEI users through CBCA. February 2003 (Vol 16, No. 2) - June 2012 (Vol. 23, No. 6) available online from the Statistics Canada website.
Government Documents: CS11-010

CANSIM is Statistics Canada's detailed socio-economic database containing approximately 13 million time series.

Historical Statistics of Canada (2nd edition)
Provides text and historical tables showing Canada's development from 1867 to 1975. The statistics are derived from many sources and include social, economic, and political time series covering 22 topics. This information is also available on the Web at
REF: HA746.U7 1983 ANDGovernment Documents: CS11-516E

Industry Canada
Industry Canada's comprehensive resource covering market research, company information, regulatory information, international trade, employment analysis, etc.

InfoPEI Statistics
Part of the Government of P.E.I. Website; includes Census information, economic indicators, and demographic statistics.

Prince Edward Island Statistical Review
Latest edition also available on the Web at
Special Collections: HA74.P75P7

Prince Edward Island Statistics: Past and Present
Compilation of statistical information on the people, economy, and government of Prince Edward Island.
REF: HA747.P7P69

Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada is the official source for Canadian social and economic statistics and products.

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