Soc-Anth 4310 Minority and Ethnic Groups

[Last updated: Fall 2021]

Resources of particular use to Soc-Anth 4310-01 Minority and Ethnic Groups: A study of minority and ethnic groups (native and immigrant) within Canadian "multicultural" society. The course also includes a review of Canada's immigration policies and their effects on Canada's multicultural landscape. (Cross-listed with Diversity and Social Justice Studies 4310). 

Note that if you Google "immigration canada" you will find lots of sites that look official but are companies that offer immigration processing services, like  Avoid these sites, as their data is profit-motivated and thus suspect.

Databases to search to find peer-reviewed articles and other academic-appropriate sources:

OneSearch (Full)

Start by clicking on this link, but then in the AND boxes that are empty, add your own subtopic terms

A version of this that does NOT include the terms for indigenous people, not limited to peer-reviewed articles:

Canadian Business and Current Affairs (CBCA) and other Proquest databases

Start with this link and then in front of the "loc(canada)" put your own subtopic terms and include an AND right before the "loc". Use the peer-reviewed checkbox on the results screen if you want to exclude books and other non-peer-reviewed publications.

loc(canada) AND ( "visible minorit*" OR multicultural* OR "multi-cultural" OR racial* OR "vertical mosaic" OR "ethno-racial" OR racis* OR immigra* OR pluralis* OR ethnocultural OR polyethnic* OR indigenous OR "first nations" OR metis OR "native canadian*" )  (search link expires 2022-10-04)

A version of that link that does NOT include the indigenous search terms:

(loc(canada) AND (("visible minorities" OR "visible minority") OR multicultural* OR "multi-cultural" OR racial* OR "vertical mosaic" OR "ethno-racial" OR racis* OR immigra* OR pluralis* OR ethnocultural OR polyethnic* ))

Google Scholar (GS)

GS doesn't allow for search strategies as long as OneSearch, so use one or more of the following separately. Start by clicking on the link but then in front of the first parenthesis in the search box, add your own subtopic terms:

GS tips:

  • When you find a good article from keyword searching, follow the "Cited by" and "Related articles" links below it (best practice: right-click "Open in New Tab" on these) to find more like it
  • If you find a really good article in OneSearch, paste that article title into GS as its own search, then use the "Cited by" and "Related articles" links below it to find more like that one.
  • Turn on links to our Check@UPEI system so you don't face the nasty "paywall" when trying to get to the full text when off campus. See instructions on how to do this.

Ebooks Collections

  • Canadian Electronic Library (DesLibris) - Over 85,000 books and government documents relating to Canada. Check with your instructor with regard to which sources would be considered appropriate for use in your assignment
  • ScholarsPortal Ebooks - thousands of ebooks published by Canadian university presses, so mostly academic-appropriate; not entirely about Canada, but most are


Primary Historical Sources

  • Canadiana Online - over 40 million digitized pages of historical documents from Canadian sources
  • AM-Explore (coming soon, a free trial just through Dec 10, 2021) - a huge package of collections of digitized historical documents; not at all specific to Canada so be sure to include (canada OR canadian) as a term in your searches