Finding Information About Sociologists and Anthropologists

Information about notable people in sociology or anthropology can be found in:

Books and E-Books:

Fifty key sociologists: the formative theorists

Fifty key sociologists: the contemporary theorists

Books about the person: Search OneSearch using the individual's name and select the Subject field (e.g., Emile Durkheim)

Books by the person: Search OneSearch  using the individual's name and select the Author field

Biographical dictionaries - much shorter summaries than entire books about the person - entries range from a few sentences to several pages per person:

  • Biographical Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology STACKS: GN20.B5 2004 
    Outlines key figures who, at some point, have “directly engaged in the discipline of sociocultural anthropology.”

  • Blackwell Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Social Thought REF: H41.B53 1993
    A Biographical Appendix provides brief sketches of approximately 80 individuals from across the social sciences.

  • Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology  (e-book, also available in print at REF: GN307.E525 1996)
    A biographical appendix (p. 568-593) provides very brief entries on the lives and works of over 200 figures in the history of anthropology.

  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences REF: H40.A2I5
    Although dated (the first 17 vols. were pub. in 1968), this encyclopedia contains lengthy, authoritative biographical essays on major social scientists. Vol. 18 (pub. in 1983) is a Biographical Supplement.

  • Masters of Sociological Thought: Ideas in Historical and Social Context HM19.C67 1977
    Profiles 15 social theorists, placing them in their respective social and intellectual milieus.


Celebration of Women Anthropologists
Provides information on 31 female anthropologists.

Famous Sociologists (SocioSite)
Provides links to websites containing information on over 90 noted sociologists.


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