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Credo Reference Guides
Comprehensive reference guides that include a variety of resources on American Literature, British Literature, Linguistics, Poetry, and Writing. Use the tabs at the top to explore the guides. 

Reference Works in British and American Literature (Bracken) 2nd ed.
Arranged alphabetically by author, this guide identifies published reference works such major bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, concordances and journals devoted to about 1500 British and American writers.  Annotations are thorough and evaluative.  Includes a Chronological Appendix, Nationality Appendix, Author/Title Index and a Subject Index.
REF: PR83.B72 1998

Literary Research Guide: An Annotated Listing of Reference Sources in English Literary Studies  (Harner) 5th ed.
This is a selective and annotated guide to reference sources for the study of English literature (all regions).  It "identifies reference tools essential for the study of American and British literatures, other literatures in English and related topics."   It "evaluates bibliographies, abstracts, surveys of research, indexes, databases, dictionaries, and other important reference materials."     The Guide is divided into twenty-two categories including British Literature, American Literature, and Genres.  Canadian Literature is located in the section Other Literatures in English.  This edition includes a section on Internet resources and information on the platforms of major database vendors.  Also includes excellent names, titles, and subject indexes.  Choice calls it "the standard guide in the field."
REF: PR83.H37 2008

A Guide to Serial Bibliographies for Modern Literature (Wortman)  2nd Ed
This is "a guide to serial bibliographies published separately or in journals (generally excluding those that ceased publication before c. 1960)." The Guide us grouped into five major divisions: Comprehensive Bibliographies and General Indexes; English, American, and English-Language Literatures; Non-English Literatures; Subjects (e.g., Fiction, Film, Literary Theory and Criticism); and Authors. Entries are annotated.  Also includes a bibliography and an index.
REF: PN695.W65 1995

A Reference Guide for English Studies (Marcuse)
Current through 1985, this selective guide provides lists of reference works useful for the study of the English language and literatures in English. Entries are organized into twenty-four divisions such as English Literature, Medieval Literature, American Literature, etc., Each division  lists guides and reviews of research, bibliographies, and other reference works - some sections include unannotated lists of journals.  Reference books are annotated.  Includes an Index of Authors, Compilers, Contributors, and Editors; Index of Titles; and Index of Subjects and Authors-as-Subjects.
REF: PR56 .M37 1990.

Research Guide for Undergraduate Students: English and American Literature (Baker & Huling)
The text is divided into ten chapters that discuss navigating a library's electronic catalog, searching bibliographic databases, searching the Web, identifying and using primary sources, and locating biographical information, and quotations.  A new chapter discusses bibliographic citation managers, such as RefWorks,  EndNote, and ProCite.   The Selective Bibliography of Reference Sources for English and American Literature includes approximately seventy-two sources with annotations. Includes an index.         
REF: PR56.B34 2006

Reference Sources for Canadian Literary Studies  (Jones)
This exhaustive and comprehensive source contains over 1,000 entries covering Canadian Literature published through early 2003.  Entries are arranged by reference genre (for example, encyclopedias, bibliographies, indexes), with sub-groupings related to literary genre (e.g. poetry, fiction, drama).  Annotations tend to be descriptive rather than evaluative or comparative.   Includes four indexes - name, title, subject, and chronological.  Also includes an appendix - Subject Headings and Classifications.
REF: PS 8015.J65 2005

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