Finding Books: English

Finding Books

Search for books (both print and electronic) and other materials about your subject using OneSearch.

The location and call numbers for print books are listed with each book. Ebooks will provide a link to an electronic version. For more information, see "Find Books & More."

Print books with the location of "Stacks" are shelved on the Upper Level. Reference and Special Collections books are located on the Main Level.  Microforms (microfilm and microfiche) are located next to Special Collections on the Main Level.  Audiovisual materials (videocassettes, audio cassettes, LPs, and CDs) are shelved in the Media Centre/Collaboratory on the Main Level.

If you need help finding a book, microform, or audiovisual materials by their call number, please see the staff at the Library Service Desk.


Free Online Ebook Collections

 Links to selected free online collections (not library subscriptions):

Example Searches

You can search for books by form, genre, literary movement, author, title, topic, or other relevant search term. Here are some examples of search strategies. Use quotation marks to search for words in a phrase together.

Examples of subject headings to check:

  • Drama -- Technique
  • Fiction
  • Poetry

Also, names of literary movements, such as:

  • "Harlem Renaissance"
  • Romanticism
  • Symbolism (Literary Movement)

and names of specific authors, such as:

  • Atwood, Margaret
  • Behn, Aphra
  • William Blake

Authors may be searched using first name last name or last name first name.

and particular topic, such as:

  • "Canadian Poetry"
  • Feminism and Literature
  • "Masculinity in Literature"

For help searching, contact Katelyn Browne, the English librarian.


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