Citing Sources: English

Citations allow researchers to give credit, to show their work, and to demonstrate that their claims are supported by evidence. You are expected to cite the sources of information you use in a paper or project, whether you quote a source directly or summarize what you learned from it.

Citations are an important part of academic integrity at UPEI. Visit the Academic Integrity Portal for more information and to access relevant policies and tutorials.

Check your assignment to see whether your professor has specified which citation format you should follow. This might be APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago, or another style. If your professor has not specified a citation style, choose one to follow, and use that style consistently throughout your paper or project.

We have collected some helpful documents and links for each of the most frequently-used styles:

RefWorks is a citation management system that will help you organize sources and generate citations in any of these styles. You can use your UPEI credentials to log in, or you can create a separate account.

We keep copies of the major citation manuals on reserve at the Library Services Desk. You can borrow them for short periods of time with your ID card.


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