Systematic Reviews as a Student project

Your Subject Librarian can help you with your knowledge synthesis project. However, not to the extent of the involvement that a librarian would normally have in a knowledge synthesis project. (Click here to see how Librarians work with full teams and faculty).


Since your thesis is a project that you are graded on, you will be required to complete the project on your own. This means that you will need to do the expert searching: including tracking search changes, databases used, and dates searched were ran, among other things.


Your subject librarian can:


  • Topic

    • Help you refine your topic
    • Show you where to search for other systematic reviews of the same topic
  • Searching

    • Guide you on what databases to choose, and what we have access too
    • Help you choose what keywords and subject headings will be appropriate for your search, and help translate searches to other databases
  • General 

    • Provide resources to help understand the process and what is involved with a systematic review
    • Provide resources on the guidance and protocols of systematic reviews
    • Storing and organizing results - suggesting software for containing and screening results


Students will be provided up to 10 hours of the Librarian’s time including in-person meetings, emails, and prep time. Please note that assistance on systematic and scoping reviews is done on a first-come-first-served basis and is dependant on librarian availability. 

Before you contact us, please complete the following:

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