I do not know what is relevant to my research?

There are a few things to look at when you’re deciding if a book or article is related to your topic and worth reading all the way through. 

  • Title:  Look at the title and the subtitle of the article/book. Does it include any of your search keywords? Does it sound like it is related to your topic? 
  • Abstract:  Sometimes also called a summary or a description. This provides more information than a title alone and can give you a good idea of what the paper is about. 
  • Date:  When was the article/book published? Depending on your topic you may want more current information (usually no more than 10 years old). 
  • Scholarly?: Is the book/article appropriate for a university-level research paper? Check out our guides on finding peer-reviewed articles and scholarly books for help deciding whether you should use a source in your paper or not. 

Here is an example of an article in OneSearch Lite showing where to find the title, abstract and date: