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I want to find books on my topic at the library

There are two different ways to find books on a particular topic at the Library: by searching either the Library Catalogue (easiest) or OneSearch Lite (more tricky).  

Finding books using the Library Catalogue
Finding books using the Books Search Bar (OneSearch Lite)
Ebooks vs Print Books


Finding books using the Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue is the easiest and most reliable way to search for books that the Library has in its collection. 

It will allow you to search for print books, ebooks and videos (both DVD/VHS and online).  

Where is it? 

You can find the Library Catalogue by clicking on the Books tab on the Library homepage, then clicking the link below the search box that says 'Catalogue'

Location of the library catalogue link on the library homepage beneath the Books tab.


How do I use it? 

Once you have gotten to the Library catalogue search screen, you can type your search term(s) into the first box, labelled 'Search' (#1 in the diagram below). 

Tip: be careful of spelling, the Library catalogue cannot correct or guess at misspelled words like Google can.

Demonstration of the search box in the library catalogue


To search for a particular title, type the title you are looking for into the box labelled 'Search' and select 'Title' from the drop-down menu labelled 'Type.'

You can also do this to search for books the Library has by a specific author (just make sure to select 'Author' from the drop down list). 

Example of a search for a particular title in the library catalogue.


Once you've entered your search terms and clicked 'Search', you should see a list of the items in the Library collection that match your search terms. 

Tip: clicking on the title of a book will show you more detailed information about that book. 

Example of search results in the library catalogue.


Finding books using the Books search bar (OneSearch Lite)

Another way of finding books at the Library is by using the Books search bar.

The bar is located under the 'Books' tab on the Library homepage. Type your search terms into the box and hit 'enter' or 'Search'. 

Demonstration of the location of the books search bar on the library home page (under the books tab)

This search bar will bring you to an OneSearch Lite search results list that is automatically filtered to only show you books that the Library has in its collection (see our guide on OneSearch Lite to learn more about using this important research tool). 

Clicking on the title of a book will show you more detailed information about that book. 

Example of an OneSearch Lite book results page

Ebooks vs Print Books

No matter how you search for books, you will notice that the Library has both ebooks (accessible online) and print books (no online access). 

To tell the difference between an ebook and a print book, look for these two main differences: Call Numbers and Links.


Call Numbers - Print books only

Print books will have a call number (the set of letters and numbers that helps you find the book on the shelf) listed beneath their titles. Ebooks will not have a call number listed. 

Here is an example of a call number listed for a print book in the Library catalogue: 

See our Find a Book on the Shelf guide for how to find a book using its call number. 


Link to Full Text - Ebooks only 

Ebooks will always have a link to where you can read the book online. Print books will not have a link provided. 

These links can look different depending on the publisher of the ebook, but usually, they will say "Full Text via ... " followed by the name of the publisher. Clicking on the link should take you to the full text of the book. 

Here is an example of a Full Text link in the library catalogue: