Nursing: Web Resources

Part 1: Nursing

There are many Web resources relating to Nursing. To locate authoritative sites look for those created by professional organizations, academic institutions, research agencies or government departments. 

Canadian Nurses Association
Resources include position and policy statements, fact sheets, Nursing Now (Issues and Trends in Canadian Nursing), as well as sections on careers, education, and advocacy.

Canadian Nursing Index
Categories include education, employment, literature, organizations, specialties and student nursing.

Canadian Nursing Students' Association

Martindale's The Virtual Nursing Center
Contents include cases, grand rounds, courses, textbooks tutorials, protocols and procedures.

NCLEX-RN Test Preparation (Khan Academy)
This website is a collaboration of the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare (Jonas Center), Khan Academy, and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and provides educational video, informative articles, and practice examination questions licensed under a Creative Commons license.

This web portal is available to all nurses and nursing students who are members of the Canadian Nurses Association. Registration is required to access the non-public portion of the site NurseONE which includes many valuable professional and clinical resources, and an e-Library.

Nursing Informatics Teaching Toolkit - Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing

Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library
See Resource Centre for an extensive list of nursing and research websites.

World Health Organization -  Nursing

Part 2: Health sites

Canadian Public Health Association

Health on the Net Foundation
This international non-profit organization promotes the use of the Internet to provide useful and reliable health information. Two of its major projects include MedHunt, the medical search engine, and the HON Code of Conduct for evaluating websites.

Contains entries for a variety of topics including Evidence-Based Practice and Grey Literature.

Merck Manual of Geriatrics
An interdisciplinary approach to geriatric care including nursing care and pharmacy issues. Other Merck manuals are also linked from this site.

National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Contains information from Institutes and Centers on topics such as cancer, eyes, aging, heart and lung disease, diabetes, alcoholism, stroke, and mental health. Institutes include the National Institute of Nursing Research.

National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
This site provides free access to several important databases. PubMed, which includes Medline, contains references and abstracts to 4500 biomedical journals. MedlinePlus provides consumer health and patient information which is useful to both the public and the health professional.

Statistics Canada
This official source for social and economic Canadian statistics includes the Census, as well as detailed data divided into broad categories such as people (including health), land, economy, and state. Contains free publications such as Health Indicators and Health Reports.

Compiled by: Dawn Hooper, B.Sc., M.L.S.
Former Liaison Librarian for Nursing
Date Revised: 16-June-2017