Finding Information About Organizations: History

Organizations and associations can be excellent resources for finding specialized information on a topic. Directories can be ideal for identifying these, and provide information such as personnel, contact information, and publications.

To locate information about history organizations and associations, use directories such as:

Associations Canada: An Encyclopedic Directory
The 34th edition has nearly 20,000 associations listed and represent industry, commercial and professional associations, as well as registered charities and special organizations – not limited to Canada, but containing also foreign associations with affiliation in Canada. Alphabetically arranged by name of organization, with numerous indexes including subject, acronyms, budget, and executive name.

Canadian Almanac & Directory
Includes a section on associations and societies.
REFERENCE AY414.C2 2013 & 2014; Comp. St. REFERENCE AY414.A2 1948-2012

Internet Public Library Associations on the Net
A collection of 2228 resources and websites with information on a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural organizations, political parties, advocacy groups, labour unions, etc. An abstract about each association and the site are provided. Can be searched by category, including Social Sciences>History.

Resources of Scholarly Societies -- History
Maintained by the University of Waterloo Library, this site provides links to websites of scholarly History societies.

WWW-Virtual Library: History: Societies & Associations
Provides links to websites of scholarly associations.

Yearbook of International Organizations
This five-volume resource is a comprehensive guide to international nonprofit organizations. Arrangement is alphabetical, with description, subject directory, statistics, and country directory, as well as a keyword index. 
REF: JX1904.A42 2001-02

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