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When you are doing research on a topic, you will often encounter unfamiliar terms, or familiar ones used in a specialized way. DICTIONARIES can provide a quick definition and often some elaboration on the uses of the term. ENCYCLOPEDIAS provide background information on unfamiliar subjects, leading you quickly to key ideas and sources in developing your topic. Many encyclopedia articles will also include brief bibliographies which will lead you to further sources of information. Material in the Reference area (REF) can be used in the Library -- but can not be borrowed.

Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
REF OSZ: G1033.B3 2000

Brill's New Pauly : Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World
REF DE5.N4814 2006, v.1-5, index.
REF DE5.N48132 v. 1-4  Supplements:  2007- 

The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization
REF: DE5.C28 2006

Cassell Dictionary of Classical Mythology
REF: BL715.M37 1998

The Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature

Credo Reference Guide: Classics
A comprehensive reference guide to classics. Resources include information on literature, history, philosophy and science, architecture and mythology. Use the tabs at the top to browse through the guide.  

Credo Reference Premium

Encyclopedia of Ancient History (-2014)

Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Mythology
REF BL715.R65 2010

Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World

The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Mythology 

Oxford Classical Dictionary (4th ed)
REF DE5.O9 2012

The Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World

Oxford Reference Online: Classical Studies

Room's Classical Dictionary: The Origins of the Names of Characters in Classical Mythology
BL727.R58 1983 STACKS

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