Finding Information About People: Classics

Information about people can be found in books, journals, and websites. To find books, do a Subject search in the Library Catalogue for a specific individual (e.g., Thucydides). or do a Keyword Search using a combination of terms appropriate to your search (e.g. classic, ancient, biograph). For information on people in ancient times, check encyclopedias or special biographical dictionaries for specific entry names. A list of references may be included in these sources also which can be useful for finding additional biographical information.

Brill's New Pauly : Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World
REF: DE5.N4814 2006 v.1-5, index
REF: DE5N48132 v. 1-4  Supplements 2007-

Oxford Reference online

Who Was Who in the Greek World, 776 BC - 30 BC
REF: DF208.W48 1982

Who Was Who in the Roman World, 753 BC - AD 476
REF: DG203.W46

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