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Language: Dictionaries, Citation Assistance, Korean Language Texts, Practice Materials

Religion: Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism

History and Culture



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Word Reference Korean Business Dictionary  Naver Korean Dictionary Android/iOS
Naver Dictionary Periplus Pocket Korean Dictionary Daum Dictionary Android/iOS
Cambridge Korean-English Dictionary    

Citations Assistance

Asian Citation Guide WIki by the University of British Columbia

This citation guide for Asian language sources was developed by the University of British Columbia and contains PDFs with citation instructions for APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

Korean Language Texts

Korean Classics DB

This database provides Korean language texts from the 11th century until 1960. 

Practice Materials

External Research Guides: Korean Language: Key Resource Guide by the University of Toronto

This video provides short conversations with visuals. Questions about the conversations help to ensure you understood them properly. 

In this video series short conversations are provided at a reduced speed for listening practice.

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UCLA Online Archive of Korean Christianity

This online archive provides "primary sources of Korean Christianity, especially documents and images of Protestantism in early modern and colonial Korea. At the same time it introduces contemporary scholarship on the history of Korean Christianity with book reviews, recent articles, and bibliography."


Daizokyo Text Database

This resource provides English Translations of Buddhist Texts

Buddhism Reasearch Guide by the University at Buffalo 

This research guide includes extensive resources about the many forms of Buddhism.

Archives of Buddhist Culture

"The Buddhist Archives and Cultural Heritage Archive Service System, under the supervision of Dongguk University's Buddhism Academy, performs compilation and translation of various records left by Korean Buddhism as traditional cultural heritages, and discloses the results through digital archives. Through this, it was constructed so that it is easy to use it as a systematic management, academic research, and cultural content of Buddhist historical cultural heritage. The service system was divided into three categories: the integrated Tripitaka Koreana, Korean Buddhist texts, and newly compiled literature."


The Complete Collection of the Korean Study of Confucian Classics

This is an database of the 145 digitized volumes of Korean scholarship on the Confucian Classics. It is available in Korean, English, Mandarin, and Japanese.


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History and Culture

Korean Society of Ancient History

"The Korean Academy of Ancient History began in the fall of 1987, centered on scholars in various fields studying Korean ancient history, including archeology and ancient history. The purpose of the establishment of this society is to study Korean ancient history through interdisciplinary research between various fields such as archeology and ancient history as well as natural science." You must create an account to be able to view publications and journal articles. Available in Korean and English.

Jangseogak Royal Archives

"Center for Korean Studies has built a database of Korean studies based on the materials held in the royal library Jangseogak and the results of research related to Korean studies published by the Central Research Institute of Korean Studies." Available in Korean and English.

National Institute of Korean History

"The NIKH has established a systematic database and internet service network for the purpose of facilitating the investigation, collection, exhibition, and release of historical materials in cooperation with related institutions. The Korean history database provides original text of important historical materials." Available in Korean and English.

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